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Acting with success in an international context - remote and on site   

Our locations in Germany, China and Mexico enable us to actively support our global and national customers locally in many countries in Europe, Asia and The Americas. Many languages from Mandarin, Spanish to English are an everyday tool for CONTUR employees and many of our network partners.

Our network of about 300 partners is spread all over the world and belongs to the most diverse cultures: from Australia to Russia, we at CONTUR also experience the potential of diversity and difference with all its positive, but also challenging aspects.


CONTUR International


Our service portfolio - digital and on site   

Choose the module that interests you:


International Development Programs: digital and on site    

You can rely on more than 20 years of expertise in developing concepts and implementing programs for international target groups.
For several years now, the demand for hybrid (simultaneous on-site and digital) and blended learning formats (combination of presence and digital learning) has been growing. Purely digital formats are rapidly increasing, offering the advantage of being able to be carried out safely - regardless of travel restrictions.

International customers rely on our many years of experience:

  • Executive Development Programs
  • Management Culture Development
  • High Potential/Talent Management Development
  • Change Agent / Change Multiplier Development  

Zusammenarbeit Weltweit


International Programs for Specific Target Groups: digital and on site  

In addition to international development programs, we also design programs for selected target groups, which can also be carried out "on site" and also digitally:

  • Plant Manager Development Programs
  • Development of Sales Managers: Qualification as Internal Project Manager
  • Development Programs for Strategic Buyers
  • Expert Development Programs, e.g. in R&D and IT


Online Business Coaching: Working on concrete challenges in a solution-oriented manner   

You are facing a challenge in business and are looking for quick, competent and uncomplicated support? Internationally experienced business consultants from more than 20 countries are available for short-term individual Online Consulting services: Sparring partners, who will accompany you in dealing with your specific questions. On demand, virtual and flexible.


Examples of Online Business Coaching:   

  • You have to conduct negotiations with Chinese partners and you want to prepare yourself in a focused way. The sparring partner should have intercultural experience, know the Chinese (business) culture as well as business experience. S/He should not only help you with specific questions, but also provide impulses for projects.
  • You are facing difficult conversations with employees, suppliers or colleagues and can only conduct them in English. You want to develop your conversation strategy, recognize risks, avoid pitfalls and want to do this with an external coach who has intercultural experience, can develop conversation/meeting strategies, and knows the business environment.     


Klärung Sparringpartner
What can you expect from us?

  • A coaching attitude to create solutions for your challenge.
  • Intercultural expertise and experience with the (national) cultures involved.
  • Depending on your concerns, the appropriate methodological knowledge (strategy/conversation/conflict management etc.).
  • A coach with business experience.

Your benefit: On demand support, virtual and flexible
Fall back on Online Business Coaching when it is necessary and your situation demands it - quickly and at short notice. Work on your question virtually from any location in the world: directly in a confidential 1:1 situation with the external view of an experienced coach.


Online events and activities in an international environment  

We have been designing international events "face to face" for decades. Added to this are our many years of experience in the implementation of digital formats in an international environment.

This enables us to offer you a full-service package: From concept to preparation, implementation and organization. With the involvement of our locations in China and Mexico and our international network, we ensure that the events are culturally appropriate. We are also happy to support you on site with the design of a supporting program.   

Zusammenarbeit digital weltweit


International example projects:  

Town Hall - Meetings for global management teams as part of a change process   

You want to inform a large target group about important decisions or changes at the same time. In doing so, you want to create a communication situation that is not just a one-way street, because you want to generate feedback, i.e. responsive. You want to include active Q&A sessions.  

Together with you, we will design the communication situation in such a way that the feedback is also actively provided in virtual format, a real exchange of ideas is created and questions can be clarified, i.e. low-threshold, transparent and comprehensible for further processing.

Implementation of virtual In-House qualification meetings / conferences / summits  

You would like to bring a large target group into exchange with each other in the sense of a professional conference in your own company, e.g. your material developers, quality managers, human resources. The aim of the event is to network people, to broaden and secure knowledge, to generate innovations, to enable professional development across business unit boundaries and divisions in the company.

Together with you we create the overall design and prepare input providers and interactions, moderate the dialogue and secure the findings and results.    

Worldwide Supplier Days with virtual negotiations, IT tool support and content preparation    

In collaboration within the Excellence Alliance with swoboda+company and Innoecos:
We are happy to work together with professional experts - internal or external - and create the greatest possible effects for your company by combining the professional expertise (of WHAT) with the CONTUR expertise of Capability Building (of HOW).
Strategic and tactical preparation of purchasing negotiations in virtual format are supported by the system with an IT tool that is accessible to all in compliance to your company roles. This ensures knowledge and best practice and promotes process efficiency - in defined purchasing areas of your company, worldwide, multilingual.    

Virtual customer events - In-House Fairs, Specific Symposiums   

Invite your customers to a virtual trade fair / online market place or virtual theme day and convince them with a virtual lively presentation of your new products. Involve expert discussions and interactive formats with a joint design and exchange.  

We work with you to develop the concept and technical implementation, brief all internal participants, support the speakers in the preparation and implementation. We would be happy to moderate your virtual event and ensure the interactions using various formats and methods - from agile techniques and methods such as Delegation Planning, Delegation Poker, Lean Coffees to large group moderations with virtual Fish Bowls, World Cafes, Open Space and BarCamps.   


Develop intercultural competence and promote international cooperation   

Online Checks and an individual development interview create the individual best fit: The Online Assessment Tool "The International Profiler" and a personal, virtual interview with a certified consultant enable an individual assessment of the current situation and individual development planning.

Intercultural sensitization modules (individual, in an intensive small group or in training locally "on site" or virtually) create the basis for dealing with other cultures. To understand others requires knowing oneself.

In order to better understand and know cultures, country-specific trainings, locally "on site" or virtually, deepen intercultural knowledge in different learning formats: individually, in small groups or as classical classroom training.


Self-learning and self-directed learning when you need it: mobile and flexible with the "Country Navigator" (online tool). With the possibility of self-assessment and concrete assistance from flight packs to detailed online instructions on business activities and ways of working in 90 target countries.


Coaching Klärung



Business Language Coaching for international communication: Moving safely and confidently in international business   

The content of our various learning formats (from individual training to group training, locally "on site" or digitally) is geared to your daily challenges in your job:
Meetings, presentations, negotiations, virtual or written communication or small talk. And all of this for a wide range of target groups.   

Business experienced language coaches accompany you: learning languages in a business context  

With us you will not find a "standard", but individual trainings. Excellent language coaches with many years of business experience teach more than just language training. They know about the challenges in international business and know that it takes more than just vocabulary.
We offer suitable solutions for your calendar through live online trainings with your language coach.    

A maximum of individuality, quality and flexibility   

Your experienced language coach designs the language training on the basis of the needs analysis: tailor-made and also in combination with " Online Language Learning" offers or intensive training concepts.


Our Programs in China and Mexico   

At our sites in China and Mexico, you will find local offers in the respective national languages and in English - both on site and digital. You can get a first insight here:
Offers in China  
Offers in Mexico
For further information please contact us!   



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