360° Feedback-Process


Constructive feedback – the basis for self-perception and further development

Mangers are usually the recipients of feedback. They receive feedback regarding their (managerial) behavior in a professional context from superiors, colleagues, employees, and customers, for example. Their individual strengths and areas for development are thus revealed. Their own impressions can be compared with the perception of others. Those giving feedback are in turn given the opportunity to communicate their perception regarding the relevant behaviors in an anonymous yet open way.

The goals of a 360° feedback with CONTUR are to:

  • Stimulate personal development by comparing self-perception with the perception of others
  • Plan further development measures, coaching, and career goals
  • Support an open communication and feedback culture in the company
  • Provide an overview of general and relevant strengths/weaknesses as a basis for the requirements analysis of development measures, etc.
  • Increase value creation on a sustainable basis with the aid of continuous 360° feedback processes. Because the connection between leadership behavior and economic performance indicators can be proven!


Successful introduction of 360° feedback systems with CONTUR

We support you in all project phases or in just a few selected activities, according to your need for our assistance and expertise Depending on the requirement, we cooperate with various well-known suppliers in the technical implementation of online-based 360° feedback systems.



We advise you with the planning of your feedback process objectives, the alignment with your HR processes and instruments, the timely information and communication process with all parties involved, and always keep a close eye on the security and confidentiality of your data and anonymity.


We support you during the pilot phase, whereby we start a pilot project with you, analyze and discuss the results in debriefings with an experienced CONTUR coach, and design this in top-down approach for future implementation across the company. This way, “lessons learned” can be incorporated prior to the roll-out.


We assist you with the implementation and, if desired, ensure the efficient processing of all tasks and processes related to the use of your 360° feedback system – from the invitations, deadlines, and follow-up activities through to a hotline for all those involved in the process


We provide relief when it comes to feedback; our experienced coaches conduct debriefing discussions and plan the next development steps and measures based on the results. If necessary, we moderate further team workshops with managers and those giving feedback.


We train your professionals on request, and accompany them during the initial discussions – to ensure your internal resources can be used for debriefings.


We advise you on the review, and evaluate whether your goals have been achieved with the implementation of the 360° feedback system, and recommend a qualitative review with selected people.


Why CONTUR always helps you achieve more than you expect

We provide you with longstanding and far-reaching expertise in the successful implementation and management of 360° feedback systems. This is based on our work with 10,000 managers from a wide range of industries and company sizes. Our core competence lies in conducting face-to-face and virtual debriefings, nationally and internationally, individually and as part of a team.

You are looking for a sparring partner for 360° feedback processes? We are at your service!


Enjoy Development


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