Change Management


Designing successful Change Management measures

Companies must be prepared for changes, adapt quickly and implement innovations consistently. Companies that can manage dynamics and adapt complex processes and structures are able to remain competitive.

Common problems in change processes

  • The reasons for necessary changes are not sufficiently communicated.
  • The management does not sufficiently include employees in the process.
  • The advantages of the change are not clear to the people affected by it.
  • Managers focus more on partial aspects in their own sphere of influence than on the overall process.
  • People impatiently bet on short-term successes rather than giving development processes enough time to unfold.
  • There is an imbalance between the courage to make sweeping changes and the sense of what is doable.
  • New key values and behaviors that have proven successful are not permanently solidified in the organization before the start of the next change phase.
  • Resistance is met with increased pressure.

Our Change Management approach

Changes should achieve their objective and have a lasting effect; undesirable side effects should be avoided wherever possible, or at least neutralized in terms of their results. During change processes, we work with you at the technical level (processes and structures) and the behavioral level (motivation, commitment and cooperation).

  • As consultants, we have a clear overview of the situation. We have a great deal of experience in recognizing the long-term perspective as well as the many partial aspects of a change.
  • We offer alternatives to detailed operational thinking and we develop realistic goals and milestones for the change process.
  • We work with you to design new structures and implement new processes.
  • We plan and support implement kick-off workshops and moderate events for your employees.
  • As communication experts, we make sure that employees throughout the company are well informed of the changes.
  • We contribute ideas from our wealth of experience about how to include employees in the process.
  • We take resistance seriously and address it constructively; we help you recognize and address hidden barriers early on.
  • We coach decision-makers and participants through change processes.
  • We make the change measurable and evaluate whether the initial objectives have been reached.


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