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Leadership in the VUCA environment - Dealing with change as a permanent challenge 

Is your everyday life marked by changes and many projects? Have you experienced that many Change Projects were not successfully implemented?

Studies have shown that the "human factor" is one of the main causes for the failure of Change Projects. The ability to change in times of digitalization is for companies more important than ever!


Veränderungen in der VUCA Welt


No change without emotions - Designing change and not just managing it

Change Processes change familiar habits. This is why they are always linked to people's emotions. Change Projects often fail because the emotional reactions of the affected people regarding that change can be very different and of varying intensity. People are often not involved. What can you do?

Enable more transparency and feedback, and more communication instead of just "one-sided" information: all in a pragmatic "language" that everyone can understand. A constructive approach to emerging emotions and resistance is one of the elementary success factors in the Change Process.


Four Rooms of Change® - Going through four rooms to reach success 

If a change comes into people's lives they leave the room of Contentment and enter the room of Denial. "This doesn't concern me" is a typical reaction to the first step on the path of change. The next room stands for Confusion. Here the so-called "zeropoint" is reached. With it comes the willingness to leave everything behind and accept the change.

The consequence: the space of Inspiration opens up, and from now on change can be shaped together in a team.


Four Rooms of Change ® Grafic_EN

Do you want to support yourself or your executives, project managers or change agents to make change more successful? Integrating the Four Rooms of Change® approach into your leadership- or project-leader- development-program or your change-agent-training is an ideal foundation and complement to make other methods more effective!


Four Rooms of Change®: powerful, transparent and pragmatic 

Four Rooms of Change® is a pragmatic, powerful and effective approach that has supported more than 100,000 people worldwide.


Companies have worked with Four Rooms of Change® for many years 

The original Four Rooms of Change® approach is used by international companies from a wide range of industries such as the furniture industry, telecommunications, cellulose and paper products, commercial vehicles and industrial engines, as well as private, public, political and non-profit organisations. It can be used by individuals, groups and complex systems and is available in various languages and has already been successfully used worldwide: "It just works"!


Four Rooms of Change® - the original concept from Sweden 

The Four Rooms of Change® approach is a theory developed by the Swedish psychologist Claes Janssen. It can be practically applied and is based on scientifically sound results.
The original approach serves to support change processes as well as innovation and development processes of individuals, teams and organisations. It has been tried and tested for over 20 years and is used worldwide.

There are various tools and methods available for individual people, teams or entire organizations that exist only for this original concept. Four Rooms of Change® enables you to work on the emotional level in Change Projects in an easily accessible way.

The advantage: On the basis of Four Rooms of Change® you work in a very respectful way with all participants in Change Projects from executives and employees to all stakeholders.


Four Rooms of Change® for teams and organizations 

The tools for teams and organizations are suitable, for example, for project teams in the areas of IT, HR, QM, innovation and digitalization: in other words, teams that have to implement new processes, structures, approaches or cultures in order to drive change.

In the team the differences as well as their strengths are used aswell, the entire potential of the team will improve the innovation process and the openness among each other. The whole team accepts the challenge of change and finds constructive solutions in respectful interaction with other team members.

As a result, the management team increases its own Change Competence and strengthens its own organization. 


 Management Teams gemeinsam ausrichten


What can you achieve:

  • development of willingness and ability to change
  • an innovative and inspiring culture
  • the increase in the index for employee satisfaction
  • strengthening personal responsibility
  • health management


Four Rooms of Change® for individuals 

The tools for individual persons are helpful for employees from different areas. For example, for managers who want to develop an inspiring culture and further develop their teams in times of change, and for consultants and experts. The instruments are suitable for coachings, staff appraisals, career or development appraisals, conflict appraisals and negotiations. 

Four Rooms of Change® I Auch für Coachings & Mitarbeitergespräche


What can you achieve:

  • support employees who find themselves in difficult situations
  • reduction on internal tension
  • support development decisions
  • getting to know better preferences and attitudes
  • understand better your negotiating partners
  • creating transparency


What makes Four Rooms of Change® so special? 

You probably know some concepts, methods and instruments for change management.

Four Rooms of Change® can be seen as a foundation and catalyst that makes other methods and instruments more effective. Compared to other methods, Four Rooms of Change® is an amazingly pragmatic approach that in a very short period of time involves executives and employees, and above all considers the emotional side of the change process in a transparent and respectful manner.

It just works!


Four Rooms of Change® - Experience yourself the positive energy! 

CONTUR is now official and exclusive partner for Four Rooms of Change® in Germany!

Get to know the approach and learn more about the change management concept and the possible applications in 90 minute information sessions (free of charge).


Next available dates (virtual session):
26.01.2021 at 3 p.m.
09.03.2021 at 3 p.m.


Or convince yourself straightaway of the effectiveness of the change management concept.

Work on your own cases or challenges in the Workshop: Dealing confidently with change, and take the positive energy gained in the workshop with you into your company. (one day, 420,- Euro + VAT, per person)


Next available dates:
Hanover: 20.09.2021
Frankfurt: 17.05.2021
Regensburg: 22.11.2021


Further offers of Open Seminars: 

Navigation through Changes: The Four Rooms of Change® (1.5 days plus 1.5 hours Follow Up) 
Four Rooms of Change® Certification Program (several modules)



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