Vision and Strategy


Strategy processes - Build execution into strategy

The globalization of the markets; an increasingly difficult dynamic competitive environment, partly due to the market entry of non-sector competitors; more demanding shareholders and investors; and shorter and shorter time frames for developing and implementing strategies all mean higher demands when it comes to the quality of strategy development and the subsequent orientation and management of the company. Expectations for the development process are also heightened. Moderating these processes requires extensive knowledge of the various strategic paradigms and tools, a fundamental understanding of the company-specific product/market and competitive environment, as well as experience in moderating a process that integrates later implementation into the strategy development process right from the start.

Typical challenges in this context include:

  • developing a vision for tomorrow’s company and a clear mission statement
  • clearly defining the company’s strategic customer advantage and consistently orienting the entire business model toward it
  • determining the company/business unit’s strategic starting position in terms of its strengths and weaknesses and using this to develop strategic approaches
  • accessing new, in some cases undeveloped, markets through targeted “value innovations”
  • overcoming barriers to innovation; addressing and implementing long-term breakthroughs as well as short-term ideas for component development and medium-term system development
  • developing a consistent “strategy set” that provides a lasting competitive advantage
  • designing a fair strategic process that ensures participation from managers and employees at many different levels of the company
  • communicating the agreed strategy to all levels of the company and providing appropriate strategic controlling to ensure sustainable implementation and any necessary adjustments.


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