Personal Development and Coaching


Self-reflection and developing the personality

We view personal development as a process, in which a person further develops in a targeted manner so that he/she is capable of acting and actively shaping the everyday work life according to the constantly changing challenges. In the process, various measures can be helpful:

  • A self-assessment, or the point of view of others, to get a broader point of departure for the targeted further development.
  • The participation in various seminars assists in collecting concrete incentives for implementation, training specific skills, or enhancing the ability to perform in an international environment.
  • Coaching as individual support for a limited period of time, is used to reflect upon requirements, work out change objectives, develop alternative courses of action, and implement changes.
  • Mentoring accesses the know-how within the company, whereby greater efficacy is achieved through shaping the learning process.


 Enjoy Development



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