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Time and Space for Reflection

Developing your own potential in your professional role

Rapid changes, frequent disruptions and growing complexity are key features of the professional world. People need space for reflection and the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their own professional environment and work. That is the only way for them to stay in control of their decisions and actions, and to proactively develop the next steps.

Speaking candidly is rare:
The higher a manager rises in the hierarchy, the less likely it is that he or she will receive honest, challenging feedback. Nonetheless, dealing with feedback and being self-reflective are two of the most fundamental disciplines for managers.

Support during difficult decision-making processes is thus a key building block in manager development. Coaching support by an outside professional and mentoring support by an experienced in-house manager promote individual development in a way that no other measures can.

CONTUR employs a pool of carefully selected coaches for the regions of northern, central and southern Germany. Our coaches work at various hierarchical levels and cover a wide range of topics.


Our coaching and mentoring approach:


means temporary target-oriented individual assistance and professional support for people and teams during important developmental and change processes, as well as during difficult situations. Here the coach is a sparring partner who actively listens, challenges, confronts and supports the employee. Coaches encourage people to reflect on their experiences and consider other perspectives. They help employees develop alternative actions and concrete solutions, and help them chart new paths.

Coaching can be the answer when you, for example:

  • are entering a new professional phase and are facing new challenges:
  • want to systematically create teams, help them develop quickly or strengthen their ability to resolve conflict
  • want to systematically and quickly develop new skills, attitudes and behaviors
  • want to reorganize your internal map or overcome obstacles to action.


is a highly efficient form of personnel development that draws on experiential knowledge from within the company. An experienced management employee (mentor) supports and advises a younger employee (mentee). The primary goal is to pass along professional experience; in addition to reflecting on current decision-making situations and behaviors, this often includes further developing the younger employees own network within the company as well.


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