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Intercultural collaboration - Business goes global

Because of globalization, the collaboration between business partners and colleagues from different countries is a significant component of the success strategy at companies with international operations. At the same time, there is a correlation between national cultures and corporate cultures. National culture is related to values, while organizational culture has more to do with specific policies and practices.

In order to make international partnerships as sustainable as possible, it is essential to ensure efficient, effective cross-border cooperation and communication and to strike a balance between the corporate culture and the respective national culture.

Some typical challenges for globally active companies:

  • working together efficiently as international (project) teams, and/or, for managers, managing a “remote virtual team”
  • developing a deeper understanding of your own cultural background in order to be open to people from other cultures
  • dealing directly with uncertainty/ambiguities when communicating and working with colleagues in other countries
  • finding the right balance between the values / identity of your company and the cultural characteristics of the country where you are working
  • professionally preparing employees and managers for working abroad/living in different cultural contexts; defining realistic expectations for their employment and development opportunities afterward; providing on-site support for expatriates and continuing to support them during the repatriation process
  • deriving positive synergies, as a company/organization, from the greater international (business) experience of your managers and employees.


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