Leadership and Personality


Our understanding of leadership development

The personality is crucial

When managers want to achieve defined goals, they stand in a crossfire of different requirements and influencing factors. For us, the primary influencing factor for success is the personality. CONTUR accompanies people in the development of their personality, by enabling them to further their skills, use their abilities, and apply their strengths in a profitable way. This makes them successful managers.

Leadership starts with the individual – but it doesn’t stop there

Alongside being a role model and assuming responsibility in a complex and ever-changing environment, they are also required to reflect upon and continuously develop their readiness, attitude, and behavior.

Leadership is a social process – and not a technique

Being appreciative of each other at eye level is the basis for a trusting and sustainable working relationship with all parties concerned at all levels. The individual needs of employees and their further development thereby deserve appropriate consideration.

Leadership serves to achieve the common goals – and is not an end in itself

It is accepted, if it facilitates the sustainable achievement of the business success based on shared values. At the same time, it is essential to make optimal use of employee skills by involving them in the decision-making processes.


Leadership is a challenge – one worth taking up!



Our approach to leadership development

In our work with managers, we focus on their ability to deal with their behavior and its effect. This is mainly achieved via an intensive self-reflection on their own attitude. Within the scope of our support, we take into account the complexity and environment in which the managers work, and align the content and methods accordingly.

We believe it is important that managers realize their behavior can have different effects in different contexts and does not follow a one-dimensional cause-and-effect principle.

We do not say how managers should work, but support people in developing their individual leadership style, providing them with a protected area, e.g. in our leadership and personality training course, to try it out and apply it in everyday life.


Enjoy Development


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