Angela Hemmrich

Angela Hemmrich was born in the home of the Bavarian lozenge emblem and also completed her studies in precision engineering in Munich.

After graduating, she gained years of professional experience in production-related areas at Siemens AG, where she worked as a specialist consultant for production planning,as a project manager for organizational, process optimization, investment and strategic projects, and as a senior project manager for complex investment projects. She also worked for Siemens as a trainer for project management qualifications both nationally and internationally around the world. And finally, she started her own business as a trainer, consultant and coach for project management, risk management, claim management, crisis management, as well as leadership development. Thus, she also became part of the CONTUR GmbH network, where she works as a freelance consultant and trainer. In addition to her professional experience, qualifications as an Industrial Engineer (REFA) and as a PMI certified PMP ®, as well as further training as a certified European Business Coach and a certified Scrum Master PSM I top her profile off.

At CONTUR GmbH, Angela Hemmrich is primarily responsible for trainings in project management, change management, and leadership. In addition, as a Scrum Master, she trains Agile methods with Scrum.

Besides her job, Angela Hemmrich is interested in alternative medicine. She likes to read detective stories, go on bike tours in the hilly Holledau region and lovingly takes care of her two cats. She also enjoys traveling to discover new cultures – preferably to her adopted home of South Africa.



Hemmrich Angela