Christiane Gerdes

Born in 1964 into a family of craftsmen in Lower Saxony, Christiane Gerdes learned at an early age the characteristics that shaped her: helping others and taking on responsibility. Currently she enriches the network of CONTUR GmbH with her topics executive development and team development. Christiane Gerdes lives with her family near Karlsruhe. 

In Lüneburg, she completed her studies in economics and social sciences, with a focus on human resources and organizational development. She graduated with a degree in social economics. In the course of her professional development, numerous further training courses followed, because Christiane Gerdes describes herself as a “training enthusiast”: She is a systemic consultant and coach (ISB Wiesloch), an organizational consultant (ISB Wiesloch), a mediator (certification Business Mediation Center, Monika Oboth) and a self-confessed “GFK-activist” (non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg) and is always searching for more…
In her professional career, Christiane Gerdes gained several years of experience (also in a managerial position) in human resources development in an international industrial company as well as in a diaconal institution before she decided to become self-employed.  

Her current focus is on leadership development and coaching, conflict management and mediation as well as change management. In all fields, a clear resource orientation is important to her and especially the development of the ability to make clear, autonomous and conscious decisions. Her working languages are German and English. 

She pursues her hobby of western riding with passion, swims and travels a lot, also with family and friends. 

Gerdes Christiane