Johannes Staudinger

Born in 1979, Johannes Staudinger is the oldest of three brothers and was raised in Geisenhausen in Lower Bavaria. He works for CONTUR as a trainer and coach.

Johannes Staudinger’s education started in secondary school. After graduating from there, he completed his vocational baccalaureate at a technical high school, whereupon he entered the basic military service of the German Armed Forces. This was followed by an IHK apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, after which he became a self-employed network technician. Afterwards, he studied business administration with focus on international management at the OTH Regensburg and did a coaching training at INYS Regensburg. This was followed by various training courses in the area of quality and development of electrical and electronic components (AUTOSAR, SPICE, FMEA, V-model), as well as training courses in the area of sales management and negotiation skills. At the same time, he studied International Business Competence with focus on USA and Japan at the University of Regensburg and at the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, completed a training in Transactional Analysis and became a SUP Instructor at the GSUPA.

Before joining CONTUR, Johannes Staudinger worked as a product manager in the automotive supply industry, as a key account manager in the automotive supply industry, as a business manager at a development service provider, and as a customer manager and location manager in the automotive supply industry. In addition to his work as a trainer, consultant and coach at CONTUR GmbH, he is also a freelance sales representative in plant engineering and a lecturer at the OTH Regensburg.

His current focus at CONTUR is on workshop facilitation, 360-degree feedback, coaching and various trainings (communication, sales, purchasing, negotiation, conflict, personality development, creativity techniques, design thinking), which he develops and conducts. Johannes Staudinger is active in Germany-wide as well as in international consulting assignments in Austria and Hungary.

In addition to his professional passion, he enjoys sports and spending a lot of time on the water or in the mountains.