Marianne Jensen

Marianne Jensen was born and raised on the Nordstrand peninsula. She studied teaching and worked as a teacher for ten years. Afterwards, she wanted to start her own business as an artist and coach and therefore took part in numerous further training courses, including body and voice work, design therapy and systemic structural constellations.

In addition to her lectureships at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, the University of Frankfurt/Main and the University of Koblenz, she conducts numerous trainings in the theater scene as well as in various companies. Marianne Jensen is also active in the CONTUR GmbH network as a freelance trainer and coach and gives courses in professional, self-confident appearance and on the subject of humor as a resource in the profession and in situations of change and stress. She has also elaborated some methods to counteract stage fright. She also gives trainings on this topic.

In addition to her training assignments, she is a visual artist and enjoys painting. She has already organized more than 20 exhibitions of her own to bring her art to the outside world.