Zuzana Wistuba

Partner of the CONTUR Network

Zuzana Wistuba is a passionate business trainer, sparring partner and coach for executives and their employees. “Inspiring, motivating and empowering people” is Zuzana’s guiding principle. With 15 years of experience in organizational and talent development and 13 years of experience in team leadership in the global corporation Johnson Controls, Zuzana is a leadership expert who can actively support the leaders and personnel development of companies.

Zuzana has multiple certifications as a business trainer, online trainer and leadership coach and she accompanies leaders on their way to understanding and implementing the principles of modern leadership, gaining the trust and commitment of their employees and remaining calm, confident and healthy. As a trainer, Zuzana has been guiding groups and individuals with energy, activity, empathy and passion for more than 10 years. She has extensive experience with leaders and employees from all hierarchical levels from production to C-level.

In addition to leadership, communication is Zuzana’s passion. As a communication expert, Zuzana knows the impact of targeted, inclusive and appreciative communication in 1-1 meetings, team meetings, but also in presentations in front of large audiences.

Zuzana attaches great importance not only to the further development of leaders and employees, but also to her own further development and dives deeper and deeper into the topics of human personality, motivation and goal orientation, change, healthy error culture and psychological safety.

Zuzana is originally from the Czech Republic, where she completed parallel studies in business administration and education. Zuzana has been living in Hanover, Germany, since 2010. Zuzana speaks Czech, German and English. Thanks to her international background and professional experience in the diverse environment of a global corporation, Zuzana is able to convey the topics of diversity, inclusion and team belonging with many practical examples.

As a mother of three sweet but wild pirate girls, Zuzana understands the importance of work-life balance and has found a good balance in yoga and long walks with the family dog. Zuzana also enjoys traveling and good food.