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Your situation

As a leader, you carry a lot of responsibility and must ensure you are of good physical and mental health. You are in constant action daily at work and must meet all the various demands placed from all sides. In today's professional world, the work load, the pressure and complexity are increasing. Using the appropriate resources and the ability to manage yourself is essential.

Keeping your own physical health and that of your employee in check is a challenging task and responsibility. Privately, you also run the risk of pushing yourself to the limit. Taking care of your health has now become an additional challenge in your daily life.

Your Benefit

The focus of this training will be on the personal challenges, the attitudes and impact you experience in your daily professional life. When managers observe and respect their personal resources, they can then lead credibly, effectively and healthily. This strengthens and gives you clarity in your role as a leader. You will realize the possibilities you have to ensure to the health and performance of your employees.


  • ­Salutogenesis – What is health?
  • How health and performance work together
  • Mindfulness and Tenets
  • Leadership and Health – my role as a manager
  • Influential factors on health (physical and psychological)
  • Burden and strain in leadership
  • Movement- nourishment-relaxation: practical exercises

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