Resilience Training – Mastering challenges and difficulties


Your situation

Your personal time management works perfectly for you, and yet, you come to your limits. You reach your goals but with the last ounce of energy. Change is a part of daily business. It demands a lot of effort from you.
Despite the demoralizing impact this can have, you want to maintain your optimism to motivate yourself.
Resilience is a synonym for physical and mental elasticity, resistance and endurability. Individuals who are resilient have an inner strength to cope with problems and crises whenever strenuous moments rise.

Your Benefit

You will learn to analyze your own thought and behavior patterns, particularly when in difficulties and challenges and develop strategies to manage these better.


This training offers you exposure to the most important methods to develop and stabilize your own personal resilience. Eight essential factors will be addressed and reinforced in the training:

  • ­Optimism
  • ­Acceptance
  • ­Solution orientation
  • ­Self-motivation
  • ­The willingness to hold oneself accountable
  • ­Development and maintenance of a stable environment
  • ­A realistic and prudent planning for the future
  • ­Improvisation talents
  • ­Salutogenesis – psychological health
  • ­„What keeps me healthy?"
  • ­Mindfulness - tenets
  • „Consider" – Say No
  • ­When work piles up – time - management – methods
  • ­Stress management
  • ­How does stress occur? What can I do? How can resilience help me?

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