Digitalization and Me – Self-management in the digital age


Your Situation

You want to optimize your opportunities of digitalization in your work environment, but clearly recognize the challenges in this fast-moving, complex and interconnected world. As a manager, project leader or responsible party in your company, you ask yourself the question, "how can I work healthily and successfully in a digitalized environment without overextending myself and others, or perhaps getting "hung up". The rapid development of new tools and technologies makes it more and more difficult to stay on top of things. Frequently, it is simply due to a lack of time to busy oneself in depth with digital trends. Yet, successful self-management and a reflected use of available tools are the keys to a good digital (working) life.

Your Benefit

  • Your receive an overview of the world of digital tools, and experience how you can use digital products aimed at promoting good cooperation, for networking and learning.
  • You understand the chances that digitalization offers up and reflect on the limits you want to set for yourself.
  • You strengthen your self-management ability in dealing with complexity, ambiguity and speed in the digital world.
  • You develop an appropriate balance between on and offline, digital and analogue.


My digital (working) world and I:


  • Digitalization today and in the future – these are the trends
  • Gain and experiment with a little "tool knowledge": Digital tools related to communication, collaboration and learning.
  • Reflect on your role and situation: How would you like to use digitalization to meet your needs? What is expected of you? What limitations are there?
  • Forms of digital and analogue communication: A good mix for successful team and project work
  • My digital presence: what should my online identity reflect in company internal and external networks?
  • Learning in the digital age – how to use the digital world for your own development and for your team
  • Vibration, flashing and beeping – dealing with the flood of information and mobiles in the daily working world: The conscious "on" and "off"
  • Stay on track – set your own goals and always bear them in mind
  • How do you recognize stress, overload (and addictive behavior) and how do you deal with it?
  • Attentiveness in your day-to-day work: Train your self-awareness and replace automatic reactions with conscious and calm behaviour
  • Integration of Physical activity and relaxation in our everyday life


The training is based on the idea of a camp: As well as freely selectable elements, there are common fixed points for all participants. We will alternate between digital and analogue methods which also complement each other.

Methods: virtual preparation phase, impulse presentations, group work, self-reflection, interaction in peer groups, discussions, exercises, online follow-up, etc.

In addition, we understand that telephone calls and mails are a part of your work reality – and there will also be a time slot set aside for that too.


The classroom event begins on Tuesday at 1 p.m. and ends on Friday at 1 p.m.
There will be a digital preparation phase before the three day classroom event and an online follow-up afterwards.



Leadership, Personality Development, Health



Profile as PDF-download


Learning Process Support, International Projects, Strategy Process, Transformation & Change Management


English, German


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