Human Resources (HR)

In an HR function, as a consultant or HR manager, daily operative business requires managing the expectations of various stakeholders professionally. It is important to position oneself within a matrix organization, from amongst the various supervisors up to the works council. It is crucial to maintain one's own balance, understand the business, and make the value contribution of human resources to the organization transparent, as well as increasing it.
HR Module Consultant and Manager
We also support you with the development of your HR teams as a sparring partner, taking into consideration concrete questions in change projects, during the development of HR strategies or the use of diagnostic instruments to define the development requirements of individual target groups/areas.
Or, together with you, we shape the development of company-specific development program architectures and measures, taking into consideration your team's current projects, and using in-person events, online training units or individual coaching sequences.
This involves focusing on immediate transfer and high effectiveness with a large benefit both for the company and the individual participants.
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