Smart Sourcing Solutions

Megatrends in our Business Environment severely affect Procurement Function and require a shift in Capabilities.

A Readiness Check of your purchasing organization allows to initiate targeted improvement programs.

Determine your procurement's maturity positioning along all aspects: People, strategies, processes and tools. To position your procurement we look into specific/functional competencies (category strategies, negotiation, market intelligence, etc.) but also generic skills and cultural aspects (mindset, agility, innovation capabilities (e.g. project management, interpersonal, virtual and face to face communication skills).

The result: Provision of an efficient road map for how to close capability gaps, meet learning needs, and effectively upgrade capabilities, processes and tools.

The Excellence Alliance ensures top notch expertise and connects your teams with a network of experts.

  • Swoboda + co covers all Purchasing and Supply-Chain specific modules with their smart sourcing expertise
  • CONTUR covers personal and organizational development interventions such as training and blended programs to support sustainable learning pathways

Purchasing and Logistics Trainings

CONTUR Negotiation Certificate: Negotiation competence for purchase-, sales- and KAM-functions

Professional negotiation partners use communication and work techniques that every negotiator can and should learn. CONTUR provides a modular series of seminars to achieve the CONTUR Negotiation Certificate, in order to comprehensively qualify employees of all (Sales-/KAM-/QM-Purchasing-/PM-/Service-) functions in the area of negotiation competence.

 Please be aware that the language of most trainings is German.


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