Dynamic Category Strategy Development Advanced Processes, Routines and Tools


Your Situation

You are responsible for a sourcing category and part of your job is to develop convincing and sustainable strategies, to communicate them effectively and bring them alive.

Your Benefit

This training will support you to

  • Structure your strategic fields based on your demands and essential environmental decision criteria
  • Work-out relevant cost drivers, evaluate and assess them
  • Analyze profiles of markets and suppliers
  • Identify turning keys and select strategic options based on profound assessment
  • Communicate effectively, fact-based and efficiently with your internal and external stakeholders and win their buy-in for implementation
  • Convince your management with your strategic approach
  • Prepare target-oriented implementation of your transparent road map


  • Structured development of a fact base for strategic decisions
    • Material group profile
    • Aggregation of important key data for strategic decision-making within purchase- relevant search fields
  • Efficient analysis and reflection of key facts
    • Application of supporting tools
    • Become familiar with strategic instruments
  • Generation and assessment of options for actions and of strategic alternatives
  • Development, design and illustration of a material group strategy – crystal-clear, comprehensive, easy to communicate and maintain


  • Professional Input
  • Group work
  • Collegial supervision 
  • Role-plays
  • Case Studies
  • Coaching & Feedback 



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