Extended Supplier Risk Management - Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies


Your Situation

You are involved in managing of suppliers. In the wake of increasing external business challenges you need to prevent supply chain disruptions and guarantee product quality while simultaneously reducing costs and managing risks.

Your Benefit

This training will support you in

  • Identifying and mapping risks based on your current situation by locating critical suppliers, products or processes
  • Establishing a bespoke scale for your company to evaluate failures, errors and consequences impacting your products and supply chain
  • Assessing, prioritize and rank risks with grounded and proven methods, successfully applied in cross-category industries (e.g. medical technology, machine manufacturing, chemical and food processing, services, etc.)
  • Managing risks and implementing sustainable and continuous improvement processes.


Structured methods to identify and map sourcing risks at different levels

  • Supply chain setup or supplier related (e.g. market, business, political, socioeconomic, environmental, etc.)
  • Product related along PFMEA approach

Assess Supply Base Risk along two dimensions

  • Sourcing risks (supplier and market driven)
  • Technical risks (product driven)

Rank, prioritize and manage risks, creating a tailored mitigation framework

  • Mitigation framework, quick fixes, countermeasures and mitigation plans
  • Sustainability agendas
  • Residual risk management and fallback plans

Strategies and methods to enable continuous risk management processes

  • Establishing processes and KPIs
  • Efficient reporting and communication with stakeholders


  • Professional Input
  • Groupwork
  • Collegial supervision
  • Role-plays Case-studies
  • Coaching & feedback



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