Seminar on Purchasing: Supplier Innovation Management


Your Situation

You are actively involved in the technological development of your company's products; either in purchasing, in conjunction with your suppliers, or as an R+D- or project manager. Your company needs to accelerate creativity and cross collaboration for continuous innovation and value creation. You need a toolbox of methods to master innovation and cost reduction projects within your supply base.

Your Benefit

This training will support you in

  • Implementing grounded, structured methods to manage knowledge and to boost innovation and value creation
  • Fostering collaboration between purchasing, technical departments (R+D, Engineering, Testing, etc.) and suppliers
  • Using cost-modelling as an essential instrument in purchasing
  • Identifying major cost drivers resulting from complexity, design, suppliers and processes
  • Sustainably filling the value creation pipeline by reducing product costs by facilitating technical levers such as Value Engineering, Re-Design or Design2Cost
  • Evaluating and selecting suppliers for projects along their competencies, end-to-end lifecycle costs and risks


Know-how and competence management

  • Map your company's strategic objectives
  • Purchasing, market and business intelligence
  • Knowledge and core competency mapping

Methods for collaboration and cooperation management

  • Structured innovation through concurrent engineering, lean innovation and design thinking
  • Synchronizing Purchasing and R&D
  • Open innovation and supplier collaboration

Methods and tools for value generation, Value Engineering, Design and Re-design 2 Cost

  • Idea generation (TRIZ, lateral thinking, function-based brainstorming, Kano modelling, etc.)
  • Structured cost reduction supported by functional cost modelling and FAST diagrams
  • Structured approach and tools for idea evaluation and NPV business case formulation
  • Supplier capability mapping
  • Multidimensional supplier selection for projects (taking into regard capabilities, risks and lifecycle costs)

Measure and control innovation

  • Formulate an appropriate innovation management plan and synchronized agenda
  • Establish KPIs and processes


  • Professional Input
  • Groupwork
  • Collegial supervision
  • Role-plays Case-studies
  • Coaching & Feedback



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