Basics of Successful Sales – Sales Cycle Management


Your Situation

You are new to the sales area or perhaps you have never received any sales training even if you already have many years of sales experience. The requirements of your position include taking care of existing customers and expanding your customer base or developing new business opportunities. As a sales associate, you represent the link between the company and the customer, and as such, you are looking for practical tools to help you to improve your daily sales business and to meet your sales targets.

Your Benefit

This sales training will help you in the following ways:

  • strengthen your sales and decision-making self-confidence
  • increased assurance in your sales closures and doing profitable business
  • improved communication skills even in critical situations
  • Happy" customers and satisfied supervisors


­ The sales associate as a personality

  •  Personal impact and the first impression
  •  Mindset of a successul sales associate
  •  The culture of customer orientation

­ Sales Cycle Management – The phases of the sales process
­ Target-oriented customer communication

  •  Question techniques in clarifying contracts
  •  Professional handling of objections
  •  Convincing presentation of offers – the sales pitch

­ Developing and understanding the customer

  • Customer analysis and customer types – recognizing and optimizing what drives the customer
  • Identifying needs and developing appropriate solutions - value selling

­ Further developing the customer

  • Planned and controlled relationship management
  • Sustainably increase customer satisfaction


  • Professional input
  • Group work
  • Role-plays
  • Video feedback



Profile as PDF-download


Moderation, Personality Development, Sales & Key Account Management, Management Techniques


English, German


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