Change Management: Practical basics for the successful structuring of change processes


Target group

This seminar is intended for managers and project leaders who are facing increasing changes in their tasks and in their role, and who are experiencing how their interaction with colleagues, employees and customers is placing new demands on their communication and organization. More and more interfaces have to be integrated; work processes are becoming faster and a variety of interests have to be consolidated. Agility, a development concept originating from the IT sector, is a new concept that has not only changed working conditions, but also designs structures in project management. How important is it for other working areas?

Change Management has an impact on every workplace. How can your own meetings, conferences, and the daily exchange of information with each other be steered and accomplished effectively? How can groups sit down together to make mutual decisions and binding agreements as early on as possible? How can your own planning look like when you are constantly faced with new issues and requirements? Is there any possibility to methodically structure every day operations in the midst of Change Management and constantly new influences? How can stressful situations be reduced and overcome when personal goals and organizational requirements appear to contradict each other, and how can they be synchronized and interconnected?


The seminar will assist you to focus your attention on your own topics; to get to know new methods in verbal communication and the facilitation of groups, and to experience how you can fundamentally better judge the various phases in change processes and thereby provide yourself with the opportunity to reach agreements with others regarding their operational and unexpected tasks more easily. You will receive a methodical tool which will assist you, especially in stressful situations, to orientate yourself and your teams, and to consider new possibilities for collaboration and leadership. In addition, you will learn to use easy-to handle and simple tools as well as some first agile methods which you can use in concrete situations.


  • Change Management – Changes in the organization and in working with your customers
  • Your own change project – how can I structure the process?
  • Change as a life concept? What is stable and what basically changes in your own biography?
  • What does "an agile mentality" mean? How does it distinguish itself from project management?
  • Change Management and agile forms of collaboration – where do they fit, where do other tools fit?
  • Stressors and perception
  • Constructive feedback in spite of different expectations and attitudes
  • New management concepts in overview
  • Decision processes in your own team and in interfaces
  • Case work on your own topics upon request


  • active collaboration
  • technical keynote lectures
  • tandem dialogues
  • group work
  • exercises in experimental collaboration
  • visualization and design collaboration of Change topics


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Diagnostic & Feedback Processes, Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership


English, German


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