CONTUR DHIT®: Digital High Intensity Training



4 Participants - Individual Use Cases - 1:1 Mentoring  

Knowledge best becomes a capability when it is linked to reality. The DHIT® therefore stands for a drastic reversal: We do not bring the training into practice, but consistently bring the practical experience of participants into the training.

The participants bring their individual challenges, problems or goals to the DHIT®, where they work intensively on their respective use cases in small groups of four participants. In accompanying coaching and consulting sessions, they receive additional support in order to learn effectively, develop their capabilities and generate possible solutions for their personal challenges.

DHIT® merges learning and working and thereby enables

  • Solutions for relevant and personal challenges
  • Boost of capabilities that are important for a successful work life


DHIT® achieves its effectiveness through:

  • Real work with concrete results and progress. The trainer and the participants work precisely and focused on their individual challenges, problems and requirements.
  • Knowledge is selected, filtered and processed in a targeted manner and the content is flexibly adapted to the background knowledge and use cases of the participants.
  • Optimal group size of 4 participants enables intensive exchange and networking.
  • The DHIT® consists of several sessions. Between each session the participants can practice the learned and worked out skills and contents in their everyday life.
  • Our experienced mentors accompany the participants in the development of their individual action plans in 1:1 coaching and consulting sessions.
  • To confirm the quality and effectiveness of our DHIT®s, we conduct an evaluation on the effectiveness directly after the DHIT® and also after three months. View the feedback from participants here.


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Personality Development and Soft Skills

Learning Professionals: Designing Digital Learning Services, Online Workshops & Trainings

CONTUR quality standards for Online DHIT®s  

  • The participants work virtually and always via video within a suitable video conferencing software provided by CONTUR. We use our proven online didactics and special, selected digital methods - and these differ substantially from ordinary face-to-face training/presence learning. Only in this way is a CONTUR DHIT® interactive, lively and - above all - effective.
  • Our trainers are specially trained for virtual learning formats and know the special features of the digital space compared to face-to-face seminars.
  • Online DHIT®s correspond to the CONTUR Learning principles: With CAPABILTY Building, our learning guides accompany you on your learning journey, and with the CONTUR Learning Loop we ensure the effectiveness and transfer of learning into everyday business life.
  • Our attitude is "Enjoy Development": Because positive emotions support the learning and transfer results!
  • DHIT®s fulfil the desire for self-directed learning. CONTUR trainers do not work as "teachers" in the sense of pure knowledge transfer, but as a supervisor accompanying the learning process. And the participant is at the centre of this learning process.
  • DHIT®s stand for goal-oriented, focused learning: The participants themselves describe in advance in which direction they would like to move within a given development topic.

CONTUR DHIT®s are currently available for various topics and will be further expanded.


Enjoy Development


Questions and answers in regards to our DHIT®s


What does the name DHIT® mean?

The name originates from the fitness field, where High Intensity Training, also known as HIT, stands for short, intense workouts.

How does the Learning Journey of DHIT®s look like?

The DHIT® Learning Journey starts with a one-hour digital warm-up with a technical check and, most importantly, an assessment of where you are. In the 3-hour live online sessions with 4 participants, we work on the topic of the DHIT®s an deepen it with accompanying self-learning materials. In 1:1 coaching, consulting or mentoring sessions of 45 minutes each, individual options for action are further elaborated. Depending on the DHIT®, two or three runs take place.

How much time do I have to plan for a DHIT®s?

For a DHIT® with two modules, i.e. two live online sessions and two coaching sessions, you can expect to spend about 10 - 12 hours. For a DHIT® with three modules, approx. 15 - 16 hours are to be invested.

Is the number of participants fixed at four?

Yes, DHIT®s always take place with a maximum of four participants and a minimum of three participants. This is the optimal group size for an intensive exchange, even in digital format. There is room for individual use cases, the development of one's own options for action, and the alignment of the content precisely to the needs of the participants. At the same time, they can benefit from the exchange with the other participants.

What software is required for participation?

In our DHIT®s we work with Microsoft Teams. Both Live Online Sessions and the sharing of accompanying material are taking place on teams. For each DHIT® a separate team is created, in which the communication between the participants and the trainer also takes place. Unless otherwise agreed, the 1:1 coaching sessions are also organized in teams. You do not need a license of your own, but will be added by us as a guest.


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