CONTUR DHIT®: The innovative online learning format


Exclusive, intensive, efficient and focused learning with high effectiveness  

DHIT®s (Digital High Intensity Training) offers the optimal learning environment for those who:

  • have little time,
  • want to work on their development goals in a focused manner,
  • are looking for an open exchange with others in a small, trustful environment,
  • appreciate the feedback,
  • and who want to become actively involved.


A combination of intensive small group work with one-on-one personal coaching units and self-study units.
Learn in small groups with max. 4 participants together with a trainer.
Depending on the objectives and topics you can expect two variations:

  • 2 x 3 hours online training + 2 individual online one-to-one coaching sessions per participant
  • 3 x 3 hours online training + 3 individual online one-to-one coaching sessions per participant

Every CONTUR DHIT® starts with a "warm up": This is how you get to know your trainer, technical questions are clarified and the expectations, development goals and wishes of the participants are discussed in advance.  

The special characteristic of CONTUR DHIT®s: unique and innovative learning  

When working in mini groups with a maximum of 4 participants, you will experience a very special learning atmosphere and individual, intensive work with the trainer. 

In a DHIT® you can expect impulses from the trainer, combined with exercises and reflections. Transfer tasks into everyday life are agreed upon and reflected upon together with the group and/or in individual coaching sessions - along your personal learning goals. Due to the size of the group, the trainer can specifically address your questions.  

The unique plus: in individual coaching sessions you can discuss specific challenges with the trainer between group sessions. This personal supervision strengthens the learning success, supports self-directed learning, and speeds up transfer into the professional everyday life.  

Online DHIT®s can be easily integrated into everyday life. There is no need to travel to the seminar location, overnight stays are not necessary - you are more flexible, save time and move motivated and with energy into your everyday business life. Enjoy Development!   


CONTUR quality standards for Online DHIT®s  

  • The participants work virtually and always via video within a suitable video conferencing software provided by CONTUR.
  • We use our proven online didactics and special, selected digital methods - and these differ substantially from ordinary face-to-face training/presence learning. Only in this way is a CONTUR DHIT® interactive, lively and - above all - effective.
  • Our trainers are specially trained for virtual learning formats and know the special features of the digital space compared to face-to-face seminars.
  • Online DHIT®s correspond to the CONTUR Learning principles: With CAPABILTY Building, our learning guides accompany you on your learning journey, and with the CONTUR Learning Loop we ensure the effectiveness and transfer of learning into everyday business life.
  • Our attitude is "Enjoy Development": Because positive emotions support the learning and transfer results!
  • DHIT®s fulfil the desire for self-directed learning. CONTUR trainers do not work as "teachers" in the sense of pure knowledge transfer, but as a supervisor accompanying the learning process. And the participant is at the centre of this learning process.
  • DHIT®s stand for goal-oriented, focused learning: The participants themselves describe in advance in which direction they would like to move within a given development topic.

CONTUR DHIT®s are currently available for various topics and will be further expanded.


Enjoy Development




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