DHIT®: Dealing confidently with difficult characters


A project employee is against everything you say or do? Your employee knows everything better? The colleague is an eternal complainer? You have already had many discussions and have not achieved any change? Dealing with these "difficult characters" is exhausting and can get on our last nerve.


This is what you can expect in DHIT®: Confident handling of difficult characters - understanding the "good reason" and developing new options for action

This seminar is not about even more sophisticated conversation techniques. Rather, it is about really understanding the situation of the counterpart, the psychological context, and thus the "good reason" for her or his behavior. Based on this understanding, you can succeed in finding a solution that enables you, and your counterpart, to achieve your goals.

The small group format and the individual coaching sessions of DHIT® make it possible to address individual concerns of the participants in a very needs-oriented way. This ensures that you develop a solution that is right for you. As a psychologist and as an experienced systemic coach and supervisor, the trainer supports you competently and empathically to find a solution even for challenging situations.


No person is difficult without a reason. From your counterpart's point of view, there is almost always a good reason for his or her behavior. The reasons can be manifold - project staff members show resistance to change because this change makes them lose their sense of belonging, employees know everything better because they want to prove that they could have done the job as a manager, colleagues nag because they are looking for someone to listen to them and show compassion.


In this seminar we will use systemic methods such as circular questions, solution-focused questions and analysis of organizational structures to shed light on the psychological context of the "difficult character" and enable a change of perspective. With the help of the insights gained, a new view of the counterpart is possible and alternative possibilities for action can be developed. The trainer will use case studies to provide you with some socio-psychological basics that can be helpful for understanding social processes in the organization.


You will not only benefit from the expertise of the trainer, but especially from the neutral view and the experiences of the other participants, because the view from the outside with more distance makes it possible to recognize connections and to develop ideas that you cannot see as part of the "system", i.e. your own organization. In the same way, you will also make an important contribution to helping the other participants see their "difficult characters" in a different light.

In the individual coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to look more closely at yourself and reflect on how you personally feel in this situation and what you need in order to find a confident way of dealing with the difficult situation.


Key Facts - you will achieve the following development goals with the DHIT "Dealing confidently with "difficult" characters


In the three live online sessions (three hours each), you will develop alternative courses of action for dealing with "difficult characters" by


  • better understanding the psychological context of the person
  • putting yourself in the other person's shoes
  • benefiting from the neutral view of the other participants and the instructor
  • learning the basics of socio-psychological aspects of the organization


The three live online sessions are structured in such a way that, after a brief introduction to the procedure, each participant's concern is dealt with in a time frame of approximately one and a half hours. Experience has shown that the participants also benefit enormously from working on the concerns of the other participants.


In the three individual live online coaching sessions (45 minutes each), you will develop

  • a clear personal development goal
  • more awareness of your internal and external resources (competencies and sources of strength)
  • more confidence and sovereignty in dealing with "difficult" counterparts

Your trainer

As a psychologist, systemic coach and supervisor, your seminar trainer is an expert in understanding psychological contexts in organizations. Her passion is to accompany organizational and personal development processes. Through her many years of experience in personnel and organizational development and as a manager, she quickly finds an understanding for the context of the participants and with the help of her psychological know-how, she enables them to find solutions on their own.


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Diagnostic & Feedback Processes, Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership


English, German


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