DHIT®: Digitization Lab for Innovative Training Managers and Personnel Developers


Learning and development are in a state of flux - and while in some companies "digital learning" is already integrated into everyday business, many others are still at the beginning of this transformation process.

Due to the variety and fast-moving nature of digital formats, tools and methods, it's easy to lose track of what's going on - especially when getting started with this topic. To avoid this: dive with us into the world of "Digital Learning" and make your training portfolio fit for the future, too.


Designing digital training portfolios and establishing them in organizations

Join us on an intensive digital learning journey! In various virtual modules, you will learn how to digitally align your own training portfolio. You will get an overview of digital formats and methods and learn which learning architectures can be meaningfully digitized. You will also learn how to approach such a transformation project step by step and establish it effectively in the organization.

Benefit from our innovative learning format DHIT® (Digital High Intensity Training): learning in mini-groups with a maximum of 4 participants and individual one-on-one coaching.


Building blocks, contents and the most important facts about the Digitization Lab


We start with a digital "warm-up" - a one-hour live online session with the following content:

  • Technical introduction
  • Getting to know each other, determining your current situation and defining the learning objective
  • Learning in transition: new paths, new roles, new competencies and new terms


We continue with a total of 6 live online sessions (3 hours each, every 2 weeks), in which we work intensively on the following topics:


Building Block 1: "Digitization Strategy"


  • The WHY: Why should learning opportunities be digitized? What are the goals to be achieved and what are the expectations?
  • Embedding the digitization of learning opportunities in the workforce development strategy
  • Digital roadmap: Where do I start? Decision matrix and criteria
  • Overview of different digital learning formats
  • First look at tools and technology: in which ways do learners access content? As-is and to-be analysis of infrastructure: What already exists, what do we want to build?


Building block 2: Achieving effectiveness in organizations


  • Now it is about the HOW, concretely about the project implementation planning and first thoughts about a pilot project
  • Analyze stakeholders and develop a communication plan
  • Generate enthusiasm in management
  • Develop communication campaigns to introduce new learning formats ("from push to pull")
  • Establishing new roles, such as learning facilitators, learning pilots or learning process facilitators
  • Dealing with resistance and uncertainties in organizations


Building block 3: Developing digital learning journeys


  • Development of learning architectures: online, face-to-face, blended, integration of transfer phases and self-learning content, establishment and support of learning communities
  • From learning architecture to concrete didactic implementation: design of learning journeys
  • Learning journey toolbox: the right learning format for every learning goal
  • Make or buy: What pays off when? Produce yourself, have it produced or buy standards?
  • Conducting quality measurement and evaluation: Assessing internally and externally produced content and formats as well as the effectiveness of implementation in the organization.


In DHIT® (Digital High Intensity Training) you can expect impulses from the trainers, combined with exercises and reflections. Transfer tasks into everyday life are agreed upon and reflected on together with the group and/or in individual coaching sessions – according to your personal learning objectives. Due to the small group size, the trainer can address your questions specifically.


The unique plus: In three individual coaching sessions (45 min. each) you can discuss your specific challenges with the trainer between the live online sessions. This personal support reinforces the learning success, supports self-directed learning and the transfer to your everyday professional life.


Throughout the learning journey, you can use our online platform to access content, stay in touch with participants and trainers, ask questions, upload your own material, get feedback, and more.

For those who like to learn face-to-face and digitally: we also offer the content in a blended variant with classroom days and digital elements. You can find more information here: Digitalization Booster for Innovative Training Managers and HR Developers.

Your trainer

Tanja Tralau-Vieillemard - our expert in digitization and HR development!


Profile as PDF-download


Learning Process Support, Transformation & Change Management, Moderation, Digital Competence


English, German, French


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