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DHIT®: Leading without disciplinary responsibility

You have been given tasks that need to be mastered together with colleagues. You are expected to take on a leading function, perhaps as an expert or project manager. You want to motivate employees and lead without disciplinary responsibility. You want to lead professionally and humanly in order to achieve the goals together as a team. And all this even though you have no disciplinary power.

Create lateral leadership: leading without disciplinary responsibility and power – with your personal mindset, knowledge of human nature and applied communication.

Classic, hierarchical leadership is a discontinued model in many modern companies. More and more, it is a matter of successfully working together in flexible and agile organizations in diverse, virtual, often globally operating teams. Leadership here is the transmission belt, the service that enables the performance of the individual in the team context.


What can you expect in Digital High Intensity Training (DHIT®): leading without disciplinary responsibility?


  • Our innovative DHIT® format focuses on participants in their leadership role.
  • In the intensive format, practical questions, compact, theoretical input and individual implementation measures are directly intertwined.
  • You reflect on your specific leadership role and receive feedback and impulses for better stakeholder involvement in your leadership work.
  • You will learn about personality models and apply the knowledge to better motivate employees.
  • You use communication models to steer and support well, to give feedback constructively and to prevent conflicts.
  • You will discuss various team situations with your fellow participants and develop impulses to move your team forward.


After this seminar, you will be able to handle and shape your leadership work more consciously. You will have reflected on your role and self-image and clarified your leadership mission. You will be able to better assess your own personality patterns and those of your colleagues and thus work together on an equal footing and in a motivating manner. You understand communication processes better and can thus use your communication in leadership work as an important leadership tool. You are familiar with the typical team processes and can better avoid unnecessary, demotivating conflicts. And you will start to develop your own and individual leadership style, which fits perfectly for your goals, your employees and also for yourself.


The DHIT® format in brief:

1 x 1.5 hour kick-off (incl. tech check) and 2 x 3 hours of highly intensive and interactive live online sessions in small groups with max. 4 participants at intervals of approx. 1 week
2 individual 45 min. coaching sessions with your trainer following the live online sessions to support a successful transfer into your daily work.
Self-learning elements between the sessions to further support the learning process.

Further information about CONTUR DHIT®s:

Good leadership: a question of personal mindset
Through the large amount of reflection and supported by the intensive group work and the professional, individual coaching by the experienced trainer, consultant and coach, you will not only work on your competence in leadership, but above all on yourself, in order to develop an understanding of leadership without authority that suits you.


Participant opinions:

"Very good moderation, never boring, great practical examples, good mix, theory - role plays"

"Important concepts were didactically conveyed in an excellent way. Thank you very much!"

"A lot of information that you can really use in your daily work."

"Very good and compact preparation of topics, enough room for own problems in the plenum."

"My expectations were completely fulfilled. Competent speaker. The seminar was worthwhile."

Your trainer

Your trainer and coach knows exactly this situation, where it is necessary to lead and take responsibility without having disciplinary responsibility for (all) involved employees. As a change manager, coach and consultant, personnel developer and trainer with many years of experience, he knows what it is like to have to repeatedly inspire others for a task, a topic or a goal. After studying education, psychology and sociology and training as a systemic coach and consultant, he himself was a manager, sometimes with, often without disciplinary responsibility.

DHIT Leading without a diciplinary responsibility: Questions and answers.

Are leaders without disciplinary power actually "real" leaders?

Yes, of course, and the "lateral leadership" model is becoming increasingly important in decentralized and modern organizations. Modern leadership says goodbye to power and hierarchy and becomes about helping people to help themselves. Only this attitude enables the development of individual performance in a team context.


How do theories help with practical problems?

Leadership is something quite normal and takes place wherever people interact. Theoretical models help to make things visible and explain them. They enable better, more conscious leadership in practice. That is why the DIHT format consistently combines theory and practice, reflection and implementation.


Are concrete everyday questions also answered?

Yes, of course: from the very first moment, the seminar builds on the "concerns", i.e. the very concrete cases from the participants' practice.


How can I deal with the conflict between the different roles and requirements?

For "lateral" leadership, demarcation (i.e. also saying no sometimes) and clarity are the be-all and end-all: It helps immensely to exchange ideas with colleagues who are in a similar situation and to develop solutions with a neutral partner (e.g. a trainer or coach). Last but not least, this also protects against burnout.




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