DHIT®: Intensive Program - Leading and Managing Yourself in Change


Are you in an emotionally demanding situation? Are you facing a challenging change? Do you feel paralyzed or overwhelmed by this situation?

These feelings are normal reactions to unexpected change. Learn more about which emotional reactions trigger crises and changes with the help of the Four Rooms of Change® and find a way out of the crisis that is coherent for you.


What to expect in the Digital High Intensity Training (DHIT®): Leading and Managing Yourself in Change


The small group format and the individual coaching sessions of the DHIT® make it possible to address the individual concerns of the participants in a very needs-oriented way. This ensures that you develop a solution that is right for you.

As a psychologist and experienced systemic coach, the trainer supports you competently and empathically, even in challenging personal changes.

Change usually means that something familiar is lost and with it possibly security, recognition, belonging. It is therefore no wonder that we do not immediately welcome every change.


In the training you will get to know the Four Rooms of Change® model, which illustrates the various emotions we go through in change processes and what helps us to gain acceptance for the new situation.

In which phase of the change process we tend to get "stuck" also depends on our personality. In the training you will learn more about yourself and what you need to cope with crises and changes.

You will develop a personal goal based on your situation and work concretely on solutions for your individual challenge. In the context of systemic coaching, the instructor enables you to adopt new perspectives and develop alternative courses of action. An essential goal of coaching is to strengthen your resources and thus develop a sense of self-efficacy.


Key Facts - DHIT Leading and Managing Yourself in Change


In the two live online sessions (three hours each) with a maximum of four participants, you will develop an understanding of:

  • the emotional reactions to change
  • the phase progression of change processes
  • personality-related behavioral tendencies / inclinations in change processes

In the three individual live online coaching sessions (30 minutes each) you will develop:

  • a clear personal development goal
  • new perspectives and alternative possibilities for action
  • more security and a feeling of self-efficacy

Your trainer

As a psychologist, systemic coach and certified consultant for Four Rooms of Change®, your trainer is an expert in change processes - personal as well as organizational.

Her passion is to accompany participants in their individual development processes. Through her many years of experience in personnel and organizational development and as a manager, she quickly finds an understanding for the context of the participants and with the help of her psychological know-how, she enables them to find solutions on their own.

DHIT®: Leading and Managing Yourself in Change with The Four Rooms of Change® : Questions and answers


How do I find my way out of a crisis?

Your way out of a crisis is very individual. With the help of the DHIT you get to know your personality and its typical behavioral patterns in change processes better. On this basis, and with the help of individual coaching, you develop a personal path.


Why do others find it easier to deal with change?

First of all, this may just be your perception. Every person goes through several phases in a change process. How long you get stuck in which phase depends on various factors. In the DHIT, you will learn about these factors and what helps you overcome crises.


How can I develop more security and self-efficacy?

An essential approach to more security and self-efficacy is to strengthen, perhaps reactivate, your resources. In crises and change processes we lose access to our potentials. With the help of individual systemic coaching, we support you in regaining access to your potentials.


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