DHIT®: Presentation Booster – Optimize your content and performance


Do you want to engage your audience with convincing presentations? Yes, you can! Optimize your performance, content and visualizations with the Digital High Intensity Training for presentation skills.

In this seminar, we work on your own current presentations to directly implement the knowledge you gain. You will leave the seminar with a product you can be proud of!


You will learn the most important steps to creating a professional and effective presentation and receive support in integrating these into a current presentation. Through practice as well as feedback and tips from the trainer and your peers, you understand how audiences perceive you and how you can develop your presentation skills.


Präsentation Gruppe


Optimize your individual presentation

We will show you the importance of adapting your presentation to your audience, in order to best cater to their information needs. Structure will allow you to create a read thread throughout your content and emphasize your key messages. Your visualizations will bring focus to your presentation and will help audiences to understand otherwise complex content. You also learn how to engage your audience and how to deal with challenges during presentations. Personal feedback will help you build self-confidence and will highlight your strengths in presenting.


You will learn how to:

  • create structured and target group-oriented content
  • present your ideas, products and results in an interesting and understandable manner
  • present confidently
  • use body language and your voice to support your message
  • use a variety of presentation methods
  • develop your presentation through video, trainer and peer feedback
  • deal with challenges and critical situations


The DHIT® format in brief:

  • 1x 1 hour Warm-Up (incl. Tech-Check) and 2x 3 hours of highly intensive and interactive live online sessions in small groups with max. 4 participants at intervals of approx. 1 week
  • 2 individual 45 min. coaching sessions with your trainer following the live online sessions to support a successful transfer into the individual practice
  • Self-learning elements between the sessions to further support the learning process (time required approx. 3 hrs. in total)
  • Further information about CONTUR DHIT®s


Your trainer

Nicole Smeal-Biber has gathered over 20 years of experience in presenting through her studies in International Business and German, as well as through her professional positions in which presenting has always been a central task. In addition, a personal key moment that she had during a presentation created a passion for presenting that she enjoys passing on to others.

Questions and Answers in regards to DHIT®: Presentation Booster – Optimize your content and performance


How do I convince my audience during a presentation?

By understanding what they need from you and providing the information in a way that makes it clear to them why your idea, product, solution, etc. is vital to them.

How do I structure a presentation?

By developing a key message and building your content around that. Each part of your presentation should support this key message and logically build upon each other.

Why is visualization important in a presentation?

Pictures, diagrams and structured charts help your audience to understand complex information. Picture also serve as a memory anchor and support the retention of information.



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