DHIT®: Self-Perception – Perception from others - a training for your own impact


Do you agree that, especially in these critical times, it is more important than ever to encounter your own colleagues, customers or partners in a convincing and professional manner - especially now that encounters mainly take place in virtual space?


Effect creates reality! Learn more about your (online) impact

If you implement the learnings from our DHIT® (Digital High Intensive Training) Self-Perception – Perception from others, you will experience as an employee, manager or project leader that you really reach and convince people through your external impact.

Your own impact will be reflected in this mini-group and with the help of development feedback you will receive the necessary tools to optimize charisma and a convincing, professional appearance.

Presence, positive charisma and an authentic and professional appearance are enormously important tools for convincing other people and reaching them emotionally.
If you consciously and intensively deal with your own effect (also online), you will gain interest, attention and trust. Use your impact in different situations, such as leading meetings, communicating important content or personal speeches and strengthen your ability to convince and motivate others to make a change.


Key techniques and contents of the training:


In this individual and intensive DHIT® format, practical questions, compact, theoretical input and individual implementation measures are directly intertwined. Current questions and concerns of the participants are the focus. With individual support from the trainer, your strengths and skills are adapted to the new, virtual space.


An important content of this seminar is the comparison of your self-perception and how you are perceived by others.

You will receive intensive feedback on your impact from the trainer and other participants in the training. The aim is to strengthen your charisma, your presence and your professional appearance. Together we want to learn what is behind the ability to convince and motivate other people.


We start by learning how you come across to strangers and what kind of first impression you make. You will compare your perception of yourself with the image others have of you and find out where there are incongruities.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your effect in different situations (leading meetings, communicating important content, personal speeches) and to have it reflected back to you.


You will receive feedback on the so-called "charisma killers", which can be contained in your body language as well as in your communication style, without you being aware of it yourself. In this way, you will also learn what emotions you trigger in the other person and how you can work on any problems.


Especially in critical times, it is more important than ever to meet colleagues, customers and partners in a convincing and professional manner. Often we have to realize that the effect we achieve is by far not as positive as we wanted it to be. What roles do the "blind spots" play in this? With the help of practical exercises, you will learn where your "blind spots" are and how you can make a positive impression on the outside, even in difficult situations - also virtually.


A personality model helps you to reflect intensively on your own behavioral repertoire, to consciously perceive strengths and to identify development potential.


Individual support is provided through personal coaching sessions.
Here you will receive personality-specific tips and tricks to significantly improve your own impact and to understand and consciously control the external image you create.


Key facts about DHIT® Self-Perception – Perception from others - a training of your own impact

  • Strengthening your own impact and leadership skills in different virtual communication situations (team meetings, customer meetings)
  • Feedback on your own ability to motivate others and reach them emotionally, analog and virtually
  • Recognition of virtual impact killers and so-called "blind spots"
  • Development feedback on your own charisma and ability to convince others
  • Sharpening the awareness of one's own effect on other people
  • Analysis of personal strengths
  • Transferring analog strengths into the virtual world
  • The rules of convincing body language / also virtually
  • Individual tips for improving one's own presence and professional impact, online and off-line


Your trainer

Your trainer is an expert for personality development trainings.

As a long-time partner and trainer in the CONTUR GmbH network, she knows what it is like to discover the undiscovered potential in people and to develop it together.
Daniela Butscher draws on many years of diverse experience as a lecturer at Leibniz University in Hanover and as a trainer for various industrial companies. Her intercultural background and her personal credo "There is no failure. Only feedback." (Robert Allen) determine her passion for personality development trainings. Further information about your trainer is available for download as PDF.

DHIT® Self-Perception – Perception from others: Questions and answers

How can improved self-assessment drive your own personal development?

By understanding how other people perceive you, you can work specifically on any problems or "charisma killers".


Why do discrepancies occur between self-image and how others perceive you?

This conflict was already an important topic in the philosophy of the ancient Greeks. Since no one is in your position and knows all your thoughts, you perceive yourself differently than strangers who only pay attention to some aspects of your personality.


What are so-called "blind spots" in connection with self-assessment and the image of others?

These are aspects of your personality that you do not recognize or perceive yourself and that are communicated to you by other people. The opposite of this are secrets that only you know and reveal on request.




Personality Development, Management Techniques, Intercultural Collaboration


German, Romanian


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