Agile Leadership – Successfully managing Complexity


Your situation

You are either a new or already experienced manager and have already made first experience in innovative and complex projects. The impression is, that your professional environment is changing faster than ever before. Markets are determined by "VUCA": Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. No matter what you are responsible for, you would like to broaden your leadership ability and expand your options for action in order to remain successful in this environment with your employees. Agility gives you a competitive edge: Maximum flexibility and the ability to organize yourself, to recognize changes and to react fast and appropriately. The good news: Management 3.0 with agile leadership and agile collaboration are trainable!

Your benefit

A corresponding inner attitude is decisive when using agile methods (Kanban, Scrum, etc.) In this 2-day training seminar with its practical orientation you learn the basics of the agile world and of Management 3.0 for your area of responsibility:

  • Methods to check under what basic conditions agile tools are applicable
  • Recognize and practice the essential elements of transactional leadership
  • Development of supporting soft skills to create a competency in self-organization in the team
  • Insight into the world of SCRUM and adapting SCRUM types of work in your team
  • Overview of the most essential tools used in Lean und Agile
  • Use of some effective agile tools
  • Management 3.0: Techniques of decision making, communication and feedback



  • Emotional intelligence – Self check and individual learning areas
  • Key factors of the power of persuasion
  • Elements of transactional leadership to increase motivation & team performance
  • Qualified feedback as a basis for the self-organization of employees
  • Run through of a SCRUM management process by way of a practical exercise
  • Planning Poker / Delegation Poker
  • KANBAN as a tool for visualisation and self-organization
  • Model to determine the maturity level of an organization according to Prof. Graves
  • 12 points of the Agile manifesto
  • Elements from Design Thinking: Definition of persons and writing user stories

We are working with samples out of your own project environment, which you can tell of.


Technical input, role plays, group work, collegial advice
You will have the opportunity to receive individual coaching with a trainer in the evening.



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