Appearance and Impact in Online Meetings


Your Situation

We live in a digitalized world. For many employees, online meetings have become part of their daily work routine and they can´t imagine it being any other way. Holding online meetings saves resources like money and time. The focus remains on people as participants and planners of the online meetings.
While studies maintain that in a f2f meeting, about 55% of the information is transmitted via body language and 38% via the voice, in online meetings difficult general conditions exist which have an influence on the transmission of information. This can have an adverse effect on your self-confidence, on your own sense of well-being and on your concentration.

  • How do I present myself in front of the camera?
  • How do I speak in a "vacuum "room?
  • How am I present, even though I don´t feel present?

If one´s own well-being is impaired, content and results can fade into the background. You would like some feedback on your appearance and your impact? Would you like to work out individually what you need personally in order to work effectively in an online meeting? You would like to be in a position to steer your focus and your concentration on the critical issues? You simply want to radiate more self-assurance in your online performance?
This training is designed for all those who take part in online meetings and would like to work on the issues stated above.

Your Benefit

In the live online training "Appearance and Impact" in the virtual room, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Concrete feedback from the trainer and the other participants regarding your impact
  • The possibility to develop implementation strategies concerning your presence in online meetings on the basis of your own reflection
  • The focus on your personal path to greater well-being and authenticity in online meetings


  • ­ Do's and dont´s in web meetings
  • ­ Self-perception, your image as seen by others
  • ­ Basics – how fast you speak, your pitch when you speak , attitude to the camera


  • technical input
  • peer and trainer feedback
  • video analysis



Team Development, Personality Development




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