Conflict Management in Virtual Teams


Your Situation

Working in virtual teams is becoming increasingly relevant and opens up future-oriented and promising opportunities for collaboration. However, it also brings with it new challenges. The spatial distance between the participants increases the demands on managers to create a trustful basis of communication. The potential for conflict also increases however due to the lack of personal contact. The performance of a team is directly related to its ability to solve conflicts in a virtual environment. Conflicts are triggers for important and goal-oriented discussions, which however, if not recognized or incorrectly addressed, can also cause lasting damage to team performance.
This training is directed towards technical and disciplinary managers and project managers of virtual teams who experience conflicts in their virtual team or who find themselves time and again in conflict situations. They want to recognize potential emerging conflicts at an early stage and solve them professionally in order to strengthen the success of their team in the long term.

Your Benefit

In our live online training "Conflict Management in Virtual Teams", you will be sensitized for triggers and signs of conflicts in a virtual environment. You will expand your repertoire of actions in dealing with conflicts and will have the possibility to work on your own practical cases. At the end of the third live online session, you will have developed concrete approaches for solving your own cases.


  • ­ Module 1 (2 hours): Conflicts in virtual teams
    • ­ Origin and escalation of conflicts caused by working in a virtual environment
    • ­ Individual experience with conflicts in virtual teams
  • ­ Module 2 (2 hours): Handling conflicts in virtual teams
    • ­ Recognizing signs of conflict resulting from working in virtual teams
    • ­ Strategies for solving conflicts
    • ­ Attitude and behavior in dealing with conflicts in virtual teams
  • ­ Module 3 (2 hours): Moderation and prevention of conflicts in virtual teams
    • ­ Virtual conflict moderation
    • ­ Practical cases
    • ­ Preempting conflict escalation


  • technical input
  • simulated discussions
  • group work
  • case work
  • transfer tasks


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Learning Process Support, Transformation & Change Management, Moderation, Digital Competence


English, German, French


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