Develop Teams Virtually - Reduce uncertainties, overcome obstacles in distributed teams


Your Situation

You are not satisfied with the performance of your (virtual) team. You have noticed that things are not being implemented as agreed, that your collective meetings are frustrating for all involved, and that there is frequent finger-pointing and justification. You want to work constructively and respectfully with your team to address difficult topics. And ultimately, you want to create a shared sense of loyalty to increase the potential performance of your team – even though you can't be on site with them.

Your Benefit

You will be able to engage in more open communication with your team, even online, by using the proven methodology of the Four Rooms®. You will be able to address topics and issues transparently in your meetings, at both the factual and emotional levels. You will learn ways to discuss where people stand with regard to decisions, or address problems directly, for example, all in a mutually respectful and collaborative way. You will gain a greater understanding for each other's' different attitudes, and become more motivated to implement changes in the way you work together. By collectively analysing the team's circumstances, the team members are actively integrated online, and you can work together to address improvement opportunities and make progress together.


Create a shared foundation and energy for change (live online session, 3 hrs)

  • ­Understanding the Four Rooms® approach, and creating a common understanding and a shared language in the team
  • ­People's different perspectives and attitudes, and what they mean for your collaboration in a virtual team
  • ­Using differences as opportunities – concrete implications for the team
  • ­Analysis of the team's circumstances and application of the Four Rooms® approach in the team
  • ­Analysis and development of improvement opportunities
  • ­Quick-wins for improving the situation


Track progress and align next steps (two live online workshops, 1.5 hrs each)

  • ­Application of the Four Rooms ® Model
  • ­Review of results and retrospective: How'd it go?
  • Focus on specific topics as needed by the team
  • ­E.g.: appreciative/respectful communication in virtual situations, focusing with Objectives & Key Results (OKR), Virtual collaboration tools, ...


Introduction to virtual collaboration tools, clarification of technical questions and avoiding interruptions or issues (live online session, 30 Min.)
Live online workshop with Transfer and individual learning phases


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