Digital Footprint – Ensuring that your Digital Self is protected in the Social Media


Your Situation

Nowadays we simply can´t imagine being without Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn ... social online networks, both private as well as professional. They offer a very promising potential for discovering new career possibilities, giving us access to professional communities and for enabling technical exchanges.

By using them, we both consciously and unconsciously provide an enormous amount of information which in turn provides others with a picture of us as a person in the digital realm. Gaining control over your digital footprint and designing it safely and professionally, represents a challenge which must be tackled systematically.

This training is therefore targeted at those individuals who wish to design their online identity professionally and those who wish to heighten their visibility and want to network – especially specialists and managers who wish to advance their careers and who seek technical exchanges and knowledge in the social media.

Your benefit

In the live online training "Digital footprint – ensuring that your ditial self is protected in the social media", you will gain a conscious awareness of the tracks your activities and communication leave in the digital realm and how you can control your digital footprint. You will develop an individual approach to present your "digital self" based on your own judgement. At the end of the third live online session, you will have the tools to develop a concrete action plan as well as individual recommendations to create your virtual identity.


Module 1 (1.5 hours): Digital footprint

  • ­ Origin and meaning of the digital footprint
  • ­ Personal digital footprint – analysis and status quo

Module 2 (1.5 hours): Planning your digital self

  • ­ Recognizing your digital self – What can I and what do I want to present?
  • ­ Strategies for planning and creating an effective online presence
  • ­ Personal action plan

Module 3 (1.5 hours): Review – Action plan and my digital self

  • ­ Peer feedback – Action plan and my first implementation of my digital self
  • ­ Strategies to further develop my online presence


  • Technical input
  • group work
  • case studies
  • transfer tasks

Further recommendations

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Profile as PDF-download


Management Techniques, Digital Competence


English, German


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