Facilitating online meetings efficiently


Your situation

One of your many duties is to regularly lead online meetings via Skype. Your conference participants are often spread out throughout the whole world.

Your goal is to run these online meeting more effectively and efficiently and thereby lead your virtual team more successfully. In order to do this, you would also like to use lesser known Skype tools more confidently, such as questionnaires, participant arrow icons and the whiteboard, in order to optimize the work results achieved during virtual collaboration.

Your benefit

You are already aware of the most significant challenges of holding Skype meetings in comparison to face-to-face meetings.
You will get to know the different methods you can apply in an online meeting, e.g.:

  • Involving quiet participants
  • How to stop chatterboxes diplomatically
  • Recognizing mood patterns
  • Preparing and making decisions
  • Collecting ideas
  • Planning online meetings efficiently

­ In doing this, you will experience the influence of the most important Skype interaction tools, for example: presentation, chat, surveys and whiteboard.
You will know how to prepare and structure your Skype meetings confidently.
It will become obvious to you which materials can be helpful in leading Skype meetings with confidence


  • Basics of live online communication
  • ­ Online facilitation methods for discussions, brainstorming, mood patterns, team building
  • ­ Skype interactive tools
  • ­ Requirements for meeting materials


  • Live online training
  • technical input
  • simulation
  • best-practice methods


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Management Techniques, Digital Competence


English, German


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