Leading in the Digital World - Qualifying Program for Executives


Your Situation

Digital transformation – the working world is changing, that´s for sure, and accompanying it are the demands put on managers. Increasing market dynamics call for different types of work assignments in order to react faster to these demands. Employees are expressing their desire to be more involved in shaping changes and to have more autonomy. Digital communication and work tools open up new possibilities for collaborating globally and independent of location.
Buzz words like self-management, positive leadership, transformational leadership, transactional leadership, shared leadership, error culture, inspirational leadership, 360° leadership, 180° leadership, agile leadership, leading change, etc. feature regularly in current management discussions

  • What´s behind all this? What does it actually all mean?
  • What does it mean for me in concrete terms as a manager?
  • Where do I stand with my team in regards to digitalization?
  • What tasks are heading my way in the future as a manager?
  • What possibilities and advantages do digital tools offer me for the situation in my team?

A variety of terms, topics, action areas and possible solution approaches are flooding over us in the wake of the digitalization trend, thereby creating an impulse for planning and implementing concrete steps. Or else creating a feeling that even though digitalization is on the everyone´s lips, somehow it is passing you by as far as your own management practices.
Would you like to know where you stand in the digitalized working world as a responsible manager? Are you on the look-out for new ideas to lead your team into the age of digital transformation? Are you looking for an opportunity to exchange ideas with other managers and to work out concrete implementation strategies for your team/organization? Would you like to actively experience what collaborative learning really means?
This qualification program is directed towards you as a manager if you want to orientate yourself and intensively and professionally examine and explore in-depth future trends and tools in a digitized working environment. You will not only broaden your knowledge, but also its practical use, and the support and discussions with others will give you the necessary self-confidence to implement your new knowledge in your daily work as a manager.

Your Benefit

In the blended program "Leading in the digital working word", you will profit from:

  • Identifying your own location in the digital age
  • Recognizing your own management resources
  • Developing individual implementation strategies for your team
  • Experiencing collaboration using various methods and digital tools


Leadership culture in the age of digital transformation – Leadership with a purpose and with inspiration

  • Error-friendly v. quality
  • A tolerance for ambiguity as a success factor
  • Network v. hierarchy


The acceleration trap – maximum networking and unlimited communication

  • Demanding agility, flexibility and performance without overloading
  • Healthy leadership


Am I on top of things? – VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), disruptive business models, customer need design, BIG data...

  • What are the tasks of the future?
  • How do we bring our team up to date?
  • How do I keep pace with future changes?


Mindset shift? – My behavior

  • Control v. self-management and shared leadership


Digitalization – A generation question?

  • "Digital natives" v. "digital immigrants"
  • Building digital competency in a team
  • Using diversity as a success factor


Digital tools alone are not the solution
When, where and how tools can be introduced meaningfully and beneficially?


  • Technical input
  • Group work
  • Coaching between colleagues
  • Simulation exercises
  • Live online sessions
  • Videos
  • Methods of collaboration


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Learning Process Support, Leadership & Management Production, Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership, Train the Trainer



Profile as PDF-download


Learning Process Support, Transformation & Change Management, Moderation, Digital Competence


English, German, French


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