Design and Facilitate Online Workshops: Train the Virtual Facilitator


You are already an experienced "on-site" workshop facilitator and would now like to extend your expertise to the virtual space. Your experience already includes the confident "juggling" of facilitation cards and the structured recording of work results with a constant eye for group dynamics and the overall process.

In your first online workshops, you may have noticed that a simple "copy & paste" of proven "off-line" methods seems more difficult than expected. You may also lack the "feeling for the room" online, especially in perceiving group dynamics and participant needs.


Moderate online workshops with confidence

After this digital training series, you will be able to design and moderate virtual workshops. You will learn how to work on engaging topics online, how to maintain the "flow", and how to ensure continuous collaboration even after the workshop is over. You will also learn how to establish closeness over distance, how to recognize group dynamics and how to respond to them online, as well as how to deal with unplanned or even critical events in workshops.

And for all international facilitators there is a special plus:
With the "Train the Virtual Facilitator" training, you also prepare yourself optimally for international certifications.


Contents and key facts about Train the Virtual Facilitator

The training series consists of 5 live online sessions of 2 hours each as well as a technical introduction to the platform and interaction tools used beforehand. All sessions take place in the tool "Webex Meetings".


The content of the training includes the following topics:

Success factors for online workshops

  •  The online facilitator: role and attitude in online workshops
  • Resources and competencies
    • Considering online didactics - what are the differences to on-site workshops?
    • Co-facilitation: When tandem facilitation makes sense and how it can work well.
    • Technical support role: Relief for the facilitator
    • Technical infrastructure


 Preparation of online workshops

  •  Content, methods, tools - the conception of online workshops
  • The right "dramaturgy" - plenary, group work, breaks
  • Creating workshop guidelines


Conducting online workshops

  •  The variety of methods in online workshops
    • Engagement strategies: keeping participation and attention high
    • Expectation management: visibility and handling
    • Techniques for problem solving and decision making
    • Developing content (e.g., small group work, World Café) and securing results
    • Creating transparency: soliciting feedback and opinions
    • Integrating complementary interactive online tools
  • Establishing presence and closeness even at a distance
  • Managing technology with confidence
  • Enabling informal exchange
  • Managing group processes and group dynamics
  • Flexibility in online workshops ("Go with the Flow")
  • Dealing with challenging situations and conflicts


Follow-up of online workshops

  •  Documenting the results
  • Steering of continuous collaboration, even after the workshop evaluation


This is how we work in the Train the Virtual Facilitator training:

In addition to content input, impulses and group work, you can expect the opportunity to try out a lot on your own: throughout the training series, you will regularly become active yourself, facilitating your own workshop sequences, working in small groups and creating your own practice sequences.

In order to learn effectively in the long term, you will have the opportunity in the transfer phases to deepen content, work on transfer tasks and learn with or from the group. Please plan an additional time requirement of approx. 1.5 hours per week for this.



Team Development, Personality Development




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Team Development, Personality Development, Management Techniques, Intercultural Collaboration


English, German


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