Presenting Professionally - Online and in a Virtual Space


Your Situation

You would like to share your skills with others, to convey your knowledge clearly to colleagues, business partners, or customers. You would like to brief others on projects or instruct them in processes. Moreover, the contents should be participant-oriented, interactively presented, and involve the participation of the listeners.
Yet your target-group is distributed across many sites or perhaps even many countries, and the travel expenses for such a brief presentation would be unacceptable

Your Benefit

The solution is a professionally designed and well prepared online presentation. This presentation must, like any other presentation, adhere to the highest standards of didactics and learning psychology as well as take into consideration the potential and challenges of the online medium (for example WebEx or Adobe Connect).


The three-part Live Online Seminar offers:

  •  Methodic-didactic know-how on presenting, expanded to and focused on an online context
  •  Tools, tips, and tricks to effectively engage the learners (the use of chats, quizzes, interactive media)
  •  Opportunities to try out your own online presentations in order to learn from the feedback


The seminar consists of three modules:


Module 1 (duration 2 hours) :

The first module of the Live Online Seminar focuses on the basics and methods of online presentation. The group of participants will discuss different presentation situations in which online presentations are made and you will learn useful tools to make your presentations more attractive and e, didactic and (learning)

psychological backgrounds should not be missing. You will deal with the planning of presentations that are tailored to the target group and its needs and how these can be translated into clear goals.


Module 2 (duration 2 hours):
In the second module of the Live Online Seminar, the focus is on skillful structuring and skillful, varied, visual preparation of online presentations. The focus here is particularly on the type of

visualization. This should be implemented in virtual space in such a way that the participants remain concentrated on the topic. As a participant, you will receive many impulses from the trainer and work on concrete visualisation examples, which are introduced, shared and constructively and critically reflected by the group of participants during the session. You can also improve and further develop your own presentations.


Module 3 (duration 2 hours):
The third module of the Live Online Seminar is entirely dedicated to testing your own online presentations and your own training behaviour. In your learning group you will give your presentation and receive constructive feedback from the participants and the trainer. By means of the different online presentations you will learn how training and information transfer also work online. Of course, your trainer attaches great importance to answering all questions.

Between the modules you will work out your own short online presentation for the third module. The trainer is available here - online of course - to provide support.

Even before the online presentation seminar, you will receive an introduction to the online platform used, so that everything runs smoothly.

It is important that you have a suitable sound and (!) image transmission facility for the seminar and that you can use it.


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Learning Process Support, Transformation & Change Management, Leadership, Train the Trainer


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"This training gave me good insights as I am very new in presenting online."


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