Structured Problem-Solving Online


Your Situation

In your day-to-day work you are constantly being confronted by situations presenting hitherto unknown or highly complex challenges. These challenges are made even more difficult by the impact of having to work in a virtual context. You often find that your impact is reduced due to limited non-verbal communication, and that it is difficult to make your position regarding a particular option transparent.
You are seeking a structured way to approach problems that will help you systematically analyse them in conjunction with the other stakeholders, and to find the optimal resolution for all involved.

Your Benefit

Through this training, we will help you develop ways to tackle problems collectively with your virtual team. To note: there is a process for resolving (nearly) every problem, that will lead to the best results. You will obtain methodologies for approaching problem-solving in a structured way with your virtual team. Starting with the actual definition of the problem, through the identification of possible (root) causes, to the generation and joint analysis of solution options – you will learn the tools for each phase of the process, and will have the opportunity to try them out online.


  • ­Describing the Problem: What is actually the problem?!
  • ­Goal Definition: What do we want to achieve?
  • ­Identification of possible (root) causes (e.g. Ishikawa-diagramme, 5-Why's Technique)
  • ­Assessment / confirmation of possible causes
  • ­Finding and evaluating solutions (using creativity techniques)


Expert input, work in breakout groups, discussion & reflection


Profile as PDF-download


Project Management, Process Management, Agile Methods, Quality Management


English, German


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