Intercultural Competence


Developing international skills

In a globally interconnected world, sensitivity to other cultures is particularly important. The understanding of other views is the basis of successful cooperation. A person who signals respect for other viewpoints as well as appreciating their economic advantage will not only work more congenially with others, he or she will also have a business advantage over potential competitors.

Over 5,000 seminars and consultations spanning more than 20 years

We use our experience and multinational team of experts to successfully help people and businesses grow internationally – providing them with customized solutions at all times, no matter where they are.

Find out more about yourself: TIP – the online check

You can't understand others without knowing who you are yourself. Our intercultural online checking tool "The International Profiler" (TIP) provides you with a personal analysis tool which is useful for anyone who is about to undertake international work. It's based on 10 personal and intercultural skills which are considered to be relevant to international success. Once the online assessment has been evaluated, a certified coach will help you to identify your strengths and areas to work on.

From the results of the assessment we draw up a training plan which is tailored to the individual's needs and is intended to improve personal technical and leadership qualities in an international work environment.

Enhance your global effectiveness: Country Navigator (Online-Tool )

With Country Navigator, CONTUR offers a powerful online tool that allows people to learn about working styles in over 90 business cultures, helping to ensure outstanding international collaboration.

  • Essential tips and in-depth online guidance on how to do business in over 90 countries
  • Personal Assessment - identify your dominant cultural orientations and how they impact your global working style
  • Comparison Tools - compare your profile with over 90 countries, and receive personalised feedback and recommendation for actions.
  • Flight Packs - a downloadable collection of country resources, information and Do's and Don'ts

Country Navigator 12 Months-Licence (Online) 110 €/TN

Enhancing intercultural awareness

The aim of our holistic approach to building and enhancing intercultural skills is to make you more confident when interacting with other cultures. We prepare you for working and communicating in international contexts. This new-found personal confidence enables potential communication problems to be avoided and a stable foundation for long-term partnerships to be created.

Really knowing cultures - country-specific training courses

Country-specific training courses prepare people for working in and with a specific country. Ranging from the preparation of expatriates to helping multinational teams improve their skills, or assisting an international project management team – CONTUR offers solutions that are perfectly matched to differing intercultural needs. We provide detailed information on the peculiarities, values, norms and traditions of different cultures which enhance your awareness of different styles of working and general behavior as well as lifestyles. People should work effectively in a new environment, and what's more, they should enjoy doing so. To facilitate this we also provide comprehensive, professional support locally.

Training courses for different countries, e.g. Brazil, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Romania and the Czech Republic as well as other events, event venues and schedules can all be provided upon request and tailored to match your specific needs. Either in English or German.

Holistically planned: the CONTUR concept for a successful foreign assignment

CONTUR offers you a holistic concept for supporting foreign assignments. Ranging from thorough preparation of the participants to concrete on-site help and personal assessment and review/follow-up of the period spent abroad, we support you and your employees throughout the entire project phase. The follow-up and assessment of the stay enables further foreign assignments to be optimized and better consideration to be given to them at the strategic level.


international assignment


One-to-one advice for specialist and managerial staff with international roles

The international work environment is not only characterized by speed and intensity, it is becoming increasingly complex due to intercultural influences. Processes are only effective if they are adapted to different cultures and are understood by people of all cultures. This extends from the implementation of the new mission statement to changes in the staff development process and post-merger integration. The personalized advice that we provide assists you with your planning and implementation. Supporting your global success.



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