Successful International Communication in English- how to communicate effectively with international partners, colleagues, suppliers and OEMs


Your Situation

People with daily international contact to suppliers, colleagues and customers, using email, phone, webmeetings or telephone conferences.

Your Benefit

This seminar enables participants to communicate efficiently and appropriately, while using English language. Concerns will be addressed more properly but within the necessary priority, communication channels will be used more effectively, avoiding typical pitfalls.

Participants gain a more deep understanding how business activities can be influenced by cross-cultural behavior patterns. They learn building up stable team relationships, achieving goals and giving both, appreciative and critical feedback to team members in English language.


1. Principles of successfull, communication:

    • Dealing with conflicts using different communication techniques
    • Factual level vs. relationship level
    • Self-perseption vs. perception by others
    • Communicating professionally with clients

2. Basics of intercultural communication:

    • Culture: definition and dimensions
    • First contact via media, starting conversation, using Small Talk
    • Cultural adäquately planning and communication of goals
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Do´s and don´ts in international communication

3. Target-oriented phone calls and emailing in English language – stylishly and grammatically correct:

    • Avoiding typical pitfalls
    • Finding appreciative phrases
    • Calling in commitment, politely but insistently

Leading phone conferences and motivating participants


  • Input
  • Role Play
  • Group discussion
  • Intervision

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"very good tools"

"Absolutely fantastic, the trainer gave us so much confidence"

"Thank you! It was a very helpful training, all my expectations were fulfilled."

"Recommendable training, interesting topic."


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