Working together with international partners, suppliers and customers


Your Situation

You are working as a project manager, member of a project team, or in any other function within your organization in which you have contact with customers, colleagues, and visitors from around the world. You might have noticed insecurities in dealing with the contacts mentioned above, or simply not understanding the reactions. How are you going to find the right balance between being authentic and adjusting to the culture of the other side?
Or you are working in an area which will have international contacts in the future and you would like to prepare yourself for that.

Your Benefit

After this seminar you will be prepared for the challenges of international collaboration. You will have identified "hindering blocks" and worked on behavioral options which will give you the sufficient security in dealing with international colleagues, suppliers, and customers.


This seminar will support you in developing your communicative as well as leadership skills in shaping your international contacts.

Business and culture - what is the connection?

  • Developing sensitivity for cultural differences and the background of the differences.
  • Stereotypes and or prejudices - Pros and cons?

Cultural dimensions and cultural standards based on the research findings of Prof. Hofstede and Prof. Thomas

  • Contact or Distance
  • Direct or indirect communication
  • Factual or personal level
  • Individual and group focus
  • Comparative culture profiles

Careful! Some of the cultural blunders are "home made"

  • The perception of Germans abroad
  • Reflexion of German values and cultural standards
  • Discussion of practical examples

Best practices

  • Sucess factors - analysis of case studies
  • Transfer to the participants' work life


  • Input
  • Role play
  • Group discussion
  • Videofeedback
  • Intervision

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