Language Training Intensive - In-house


Your Situation

An intensive training course serves rapidly improved language skills. Fixed starting dates are offered for each language level. 3 - 9 participants meet on three consecutive days to work intensively on various topics while also benefiting from the dynamic of working in a group.

Your Benefit

A1: Asking questions / Understanding / Responding

A2: Initiating contact / Telephone conversations / Getting information / Making short statements

B1: Giving advice / Giving information / Providing descriptions / Having conversations

B2: Presenting subject matter / Argumentation / Convincing someone / Taking part in meetings

C1: Acting as a moderator / Presenting / Negotiating

C2: Seminar for excellent conversation


The content varies by learning level and is customized according to individual requirements.

Additional Information

An overview of fees and article numbers can be found here.



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