Communication Club


Your Situation

More and more in your daily work you have contact to English-speaking customers, suppliers and colleagues. You understand your conversation partner, yet initially you always react perplexed and overwhelmed and do not utilize your full linguistic potential. This is probably because you do not use the language on a regular basis and this can lead to a mental block.
"Let´s talk" is designed for all those people who want to overcome their speaking inhibitions and become more confident, spontaneous and more flexible through a regular use of the English language. Communicate better – in English!

Your Benefit

A communication course is exactly the right thing for you if you want to overcome your speaking inhibitions and would like to learn to respond spontaneously and naturally in English. Expressions and idioms come to your mind faster and you appear more self-confident and competent. You will increase your ability to express yourself in different ways and brush up and expand your vocabulary: Speaking English is so much fun!


Adapted for all levels of English from A2 upwards. Concrete contents will be agreed upon and defined at the beginning of the training, e.g.

  • ­ Grammar exercises
  • ­ Typical office communication
  • ­ Group discussions on current topics
  • ­ Idioms and intercultural subtleties in your communication with English or American native speakers
  • ­ How to start and end a conversation


Additional Information

Every 2 weeks for 90 minutes, duration 4 months

Starting date upon request




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