G.I.T - Comprehensive Intensive Training



The objective of the 4 ½ day intensive English seminar is to develop practical communications skills for typical business situations and improve them over a long-term period. GIT seminars feature an extraordinarily effective method of learning that enables advanced training with minimal expense and time commitment, which helps avoiding extended absences from the workplace. Specially-trained GIT trainers guarantee a unique learning experience with extraordinarily successful results.

The seminar features seven steps, from Introduction to English as a second language to excellent conversation skills for international meetings, which ensures optimal learning progress among participants with varying practical skill levels. For participants, the learning experience alternates dynamically between self-study periods and group learning in the seminar. GIT participants receive support from their personal seminar advisor from the outset: first, a consultation on what level to start at, as well as preparation for the seminar, then in a support role during the transfer program, and finally, advisors are available to give practical advice via a hotline.

The unique, interactive GIT transfer program allows participants to consolidate their new knowledge for practical application.

Price for the 4½-day seminar upon request (plus VAT, hotel and transportation costs).



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