Successful E-mail Writing - Fit for Daily International Correspondence Live Online Training in 3 Modules


Your Situation

In your daily working routine you frequently have contact with English speaking customers, suppliers and colleagues. You understand your conversation partner, but nevertheless your often reach your limits or suddenly become insecure in your wording or comprehension of emails – especially when you are unprepared and facing a new situation or if you are in a particular hurry.

Your Benefit

You will learn about many situations in your daily work using authentic materials and by doing practical exercises. We will point out the differences between American and British English and practice them accordingly. You will gain more confidence in preparing correspondence to your international business partners and colleagues.


The 3-part live on-line seminar offers you:


  • Present and master typical office mails, administration and project management
  • Tools, tips and tricks in communicating in writing correctly and politely with international customers and business partners
  • Gathering and understanding information, preparing linguistically correct texts
  • Do's and Don'ts when writing emails in English

The seminar comprises three modules:

Module 1 (90 minutes) gives you the basics such as the salutation and the complimentary close, the beginning and small talk, content and conclusion. It serves as an introduction into the world of international email standards.

Module 2 (90 minutes): Become an expert in understanding emails! Your international contacts partners are rarely English native speakers and are often even more uncertain than you are. What exactly does your counterpart mean? And what did he/she actually want to achieve or avoid? Study case examples from your daily work routine, discuss them and evaluate them.

Module 3 (90 minutes): Never be speechless again! Use up-to-date expressions and watch out for "false friends". And what you should avoid at all costs! Learn vocabulary and expressions which will turn you into a respected and self-confident conversation partner.

Receive 3 x 90 minute on-line efficient and practice-oriented tools for the world of international email traffic. Little effort – great results!


  • technical input
  • working with case studies

Additional Information

This language training is offered in cooperation with our partner MR education services GmbH.

The trainers usually teach in their own mother tongue.


"Thank you very much, the course gave me a good refreshment of some basics."


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