Become a Manager – is that something for me?


Your Situation

Have you ever given thought to whether leadership would be something for you, but you are really not quite sure? On the one hand, leadership represents an opportunity for professional growth; on the other however, many people take on a management position even though leadership is not really meant for them. Women particularly, still hesitate when faced with a leadership decision because they are not sure if they possess the necessary competencies and characteristics, and if they want to bear the consequences of such a decision.

Your Benefit

In this seminar therefore, you will find the answers to such questions as "can I lead? ", as well as, "do I really want to be a leader?", and "what exactly would it entail?" However, it is not an external judgement that is the focus of the seminar, but rather the opportunity to do a self-check based on various models and methods, and the opportunity for reflection from different perspectives. In addition, you will gain some basic knowledge on the subject of leadership, which will enable you to evaluate your personal preferences. Exchanging ideas and giving and receiving feedback in a group of like-minded women, will help you achieve self-awareness and clarity regarding such a decision.

Führungskraft werden - Will ich das?




  • Many roads lead to Rome: What exactly does good leadership mean today?
  • What does it involve when you assume leadership responsibility? – roles, tasks, demands
  • My career orientation: Recognizing personal values, strengths and preferences using career anchors and based on the success story method
  • Leadership as a dialogue: social and emotional competency/from the professional to the personal
  • What does leadership mean in my company? What kind of leadership and guidance did I personally receive in the past? How would I like to experience leadership? – Finding your personal leadership style and your own interpretation of leadership
  • Female leaders of the past and the present – Scientific insights regarding "male" and "female" leadership behavior
  • Dealing with (male) dominance and competition
  • Mental strength and resilience – how resilient am I? Who will support me? Resources check
  • The pros and contras of leadership: Disadvantages, advantages and individual conflict areas of leadership
  • Collegial advice and individual game plan; establishing coaching partnerships


  • Professional input
  • discussion and exchanges of ideas
  • individual reflection
  • creative exercises
  • collegial advice
  • tests
  • questionnaires and two-way interviews
  • feedback



Personality Development, Health


English, German


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