Constructive Leadership in Conflicts


Your Situation

Whether you are a manager, project leader or an employee with managerial tasks, you are responsible for leading people. Conflicts are inevitable. Learn how to improve your conflict management skills, mediate disputes and manage potential discord more proactively.

Your Benefit

Disagreements with project partners at the interface; disputes among colleagues regarding rights and responsibilities are an inseparable part of a manager´s work reality. However, those who address conflicts competently are capable of leading others effectively through such situations.

This training will enable you to create an open, construction and result-oriented conflict culture. Facilitator skills and communication theory will be the tools you use to address difficult partners or teams in either a feedback or conflict-solving session. Further, you will receive input on how to mitigate and prevent the outbreak of conflicts. Through self-reflection you will become more familiar with your strengths and areas requiring further development.

This training is designed to relate closely with your work reality. Brief professional input, exercises and self-reflection sessions occur interchangeably. Participants may bring current cases if desired.


  • Understand conflict

Conflict as a welcome opportunity
Cause and origins of disagreements
Types of conflicts, -processes and assessments

  • Managing conflicts

Personal conflict style: preferences and the effects on avoidance and solutions
Solving conflicts effectively with partners and colleagues
Facilitator and manager as a third party: assessing and mediating conflicts

  • Avoiding conflicts

Prevention through prior mediation
Creating a friction free environment
Option: Participant current cases


Professional input, Individual work, Tandem and team tasks, Simulations, Surveys, Feedback



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Learning Process Support, Coaching & Mentoring, Strategy Process, Transformation & Change Management, Leadership


German, English, Spanish


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